How to Break Doors in Apex Legends

How to Break Doors in Apex Legends


The new kid on the block when it comes to battle royales, Apex Legends, has taken the gaming world by storm by perhaps offering the first true competitor Fortnite has had.

One thing that becomes more apparent the more you play is the ability to have a door blocked by a player’s death crate or by players themselves.

Another situation you might run into is a Caustic who has holed himself up in a building with his traps blocking the doors. You might be happy to know there is a way around this so you still get these doors open.

Walls and other structures are safe but these doors won’t be able to hold players back forever. There is a way to flat out destroy the doors wit

All players have to do is do up to a door and hold down their melee button. This will make your character kick the door and with two kicks the door will break.

If you want to do it in style then you might want to get a running start and make your character hit it with a flying kick.

When you go to kick a door with nothing blocking it you will just kick it wide open and fly into the room. If something is blocking it then you’ll just put several cracks in it.

This is a cool little thing to know but it doesn’t come into play very often. In fact, it doesn’t seem like many players are aware you are able to do this, which means you can certainly surprise players like the Caustic we mentioned above.

Apex Legends is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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