Where to Get Your Legion of Dawn Armor & Weapon in Anthem

Anthem Unlock Legion of Dawn Armor

Anthem has officially launched for PC players who have an Origin Priemere membership. For those who purchased the Legion of Dawn edition, they will have access to a special armor design along with a powerful starting weapon. However, Anthem doesn’t directly inform the player of how to get their items, which can be a bit confusing if you’re just starting out.

In order to obtain both your Legion of Dawn armor and weapon, you’ll need to unlock the Vanity Store first. This is one of the earliest missions that will become available to you after you finish the prologue and opening level. Once you regain control after some dialogue between you, Owen, and Tassyn, turn around and speak to the shop keeper with the yellow symbol over his head.

This man runs the Vanity Store and will only open the shop after you go into the Freeroam mode and collect three Embers for him. Don’t worry, this is quite easy since embers are awarded when you harvest resources. You can sometimes get Embers from completing world events, but this is a little more inconsistent. Since you only need three, it shouldn’t take a lot of time to harvest what you need for him.

Anthem Legion of Dawn

After getting the Embers, report back to the shopkeeper and he will unlock the Vanity Store. Now open up the store’s menu and scroll over to the “Rewards” tab. Select Legion of Dawn and hold down the claim button. This will instantly add both the Legion of Dawn weapons and armor into your inventory. There is a Legion of Dawn armor set for each Javelin, so use

If you want to equip these items head back to your Javelin and open up the forge. You can equip your Legion of Light marksmen rifle in the weapons tab. It’s a decent gun and will give you an extra burst of power early on. As for the armor, swap over to the Appearance tab and then pick which part of the Javelin you want to alter. The Legion of Dawn armor can be equipped here and you can also customize the colors to make your Javelin standout.

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