How to Unlock Every Javelin in Anthem

Anthem Unlock Javelins

BioWare’s co-op action/RPG has finally released and players will be taking to the skies in their specialized combat suits known as Javelins. Anthem boasts four unique Javelins at launch, each of which has their own special abilities and uses. While you will eventually have access to every Javelin, Anthem forces the player to unlock them one at a time. Thankfully, actually obtaining all four Javelins is extremely easy.

Unlocking Javelins is tied to your character’s level, so when you hit certain milestone ranks the ability to obtain a new exo-suit will be available. You will unlock one new Javelin when you hit Level 2, 8, 16, and 26. There are no special requirements outside of reaching this level, so don’t feel pressured to finish a specific activity or challenge. Once you hit the designated rank just go to The Forge and pick what Javelin you want.

Both the prologue and the first mission has the player using the well-rounded Ranger. However, when you hit level 2 you can pick either the Storm, Colossus, Ranger, or Interceptor frames. You will not have whatever Javelin you pick plus the Ranger even though you just used it for two missions. Make sure you select the right Javelin for your playstyle.

If you are new to Anthem and are just starting out we recommend you stick with the Ranger for now. This is a solid Javelin that boasts good offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing users to quickly take out groups of enemies with ease. For those wanting something a bit more flashy, the Storm uses a number of elemental abilities. The Colossus is a bulky tank that’s great at absorbing a ton of damage while the Interceptor is an agile DPS Javelin.

Remember, when you unlock your second Javelin it can be equipped at The Forge and each of these exo-suits has their own specialized abilities you’ll need to unlock. Yet, with some time you will eventually have your very own stable of death machines and who doesn’t want that?

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