Is There New Game Plus in Metro Exodus?

Metro Exodus New Game Plus

The third chapter in the fan-favorite Metro series has finally arrived and it’s going to take players on a long journey through Russia. Once again following the story of Artyom, Metro Exodus sees users escaping Moscow with the hope of finding a new life outside the irradiated hellscape. During your travels, you’ll come across a lot of unique weapons and upgrades, some of which only appear near the end of the game. This might leave a few wondering if there is a New Game Plus in Metro Exodus.

Update 3/26/2019

Announced today, New Game Plus is coming to Metro Exodus. Available via the Ranger Update, this mode is available after you complete the game. All of your weapons, inventory items, and mods will transfer over. However, your armor and wrist mods still need to be hunted down in the wild. Once you start up New Game Plus, you’ll have access to all your gear and weapons after you rescue Ana.

Original Story

Sadly, Metro Exodus does not feature a New Game Plus mode at the time of writing this. Once you finish the campaign you’ll be sent back to the main menu where you’re given the option to start a new game, visit a specific chapter, or continue. The latter simply sends you back to the end cutscene, so there’s no point in selecting that.

The chapter select also resets your progress, so if you pick an early level you’ll lose all save data from that point forward. There’s no way to just start Metro Exodus from the beginning with all your upgrades and weapons. We assume this is for balancing reasons since the ammo and supply economy is very strict. Metro Exodus really reinforces proper item management.

While there’s always a p possibility of developers adding in a New Game Plus mode, Metro Exodus players will just need to wait and see.