How to Respawn and Revive Players in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revive Respawn

Apex Legends is the newest game from developer Respawn Entertainment and it’s looking to take a bite out of the battle royale market. While this title sports some familiar mechanics, Respawn Entertainment has given many their own unique twists. One of these is the respawn and revive mechanics, both of which have been altered rather drastically.

A player can be revived once they have taken enough damage and fall to the ground. Once a player is downed, they can crawl around and even hold up a shield to temporarily block incoming fire. This shield should be used to save yourself from being permanently killed by your opponents and get into cover.

For those still alive, all you have to do is run over to the downed player and hold the interact button. After a short animation, you will help bring the downed user back into the fight. Keep in mind, some characters are better for this than others. Lifeline deploys a shield that protects her in a 180-degree arc which is perfect for protecting yourself when trying to revive someone.

However, if someone dies then you have a few seconds to grab your allies Banner. If you managed to obtain this before the timer expires, then you can bring it to a revive station on the map. These are marked by green holograms of floating drop ships on large communication devices. Just run up to this device and hold down the interact button until the timer expires. This will call down a dropship that can be seen by every player – friendly or enemy.

Remember, the teammate being revived won’t have any gear so it’s up to you to give them a gun. Unless someone dies very early on, you probably won’t have a ton of time to loot weapons and supplies. There are quite a few revive stations, so make sure to try and grab their banner whenever possible.

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