Here’s How Shields and Armor Work in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Shields Armor

The newest battle royale game has hit the market and it’s looking to shake up this genre. While some aspects of Apex Legends are new, others are just slightly altered staples we expect in battle royale games. Shields and armor fit into the latter category, as they simply function as a way for players to absorb extra damage. However, there are slight twists and it’s imperative that you understand how shields and armor work in Apex Legends.

There are four levels of armor in Apex Legends, with their rarity levels going white, blue, purple, and gold. Each of these pieces of armor possesses nodes for your shields to recharge and the number of nodes depends on the rarity of the armor.

  • White (Common) – 2 Shield Nodes
  • Blue (Rare) – 3 Shield Nodes
  • Purple (Epic) – 4 Shield Nodes
  • Gold (Legendary) – 4 Shield Nodes + Refills Shields After a Finisher

When you pick up armor off the ground it will come fully charged, but if you want to maintain that charge throughout the game you’ll need shield batteries. These blue canisters are scattered throughout the map and can be used to charge your shields. Each normal cannister restores 25 points of shield which is a single node. So if you want to fully recharge a legendary armor piece you’ll need four batteries. There are also helmets, but these don’t have shields and simply reduce headshot damage.

Thankfully, there are larger battery canisters that will not only recharge more of your shields but some of your health too. These are taller and thinner canisters, so make sure to have at least one or two with you. Remember, using these bigger shield canisters takes more time, so make sure you’re in cover when healing up.

Finally, there are shields that you can deploy when you are downed. Like armor, they come in common, rare, epic, and legendary varieties. These allow you to hold up a shield when you are downed to block bullets and stop foes from finishing you off. Keep in mind, this shield isn’t permanent, so only use it when you are taking fire. Try to use the shield only to get into cover, because once someone starts reviving you the shield will be unusable. Plus, if you have the gold shield you will get one free “self-resurrection” when you go down.

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