Tetris 99 Memes: The Funniest Memes about the Best of the Battle Royale Games

Tetris 99 Memes

Imgur Tetris 99 Memes

Tetris 99 is a new Battle Royale style game on Nintendo Switch. Some players would even say that it’s the best Battle Royale game (but others might not agree.) Either way, it can get really addictive, as you try to figure out a way to come out in first place, or at the very least in the top 10. Here’s a look at some of the funniest memes sharing the struggles players encounter in Tetris 99.

First, here’s a look at all the memes talking about how Tetris 99 is basically the best of the Battle Royale games.

This one was shared by u/lennyboybest:


This next one was shared by @allan_paxton on Twitter.


Some people are experts on Tetris 99, but many are just on there for fun. Redditor u/Tallem00 shared this meme, a feeling many can relate to. Have you ever just not wanted your friends to watch you play Tetris 99 because you don’t want all that judgment?


Interestingly, one Redditor shared that rotating a square piece might not be a complete waste of time. It resets the lock delay, Okey__Dokey wrote in response to the meme. A block can’t be moved after a certain amount of time that it’s been sitting, they explained, but if you rotate the block it takes longer for it to get “stuck” in place. So rotating a square piece might seem like a waste of time, but it gives you more time to figure out where to position it.

Then there’s the problem of getting targeted as soon as you start playing. It’s so frustrating to start a game and see that eight people are already targeting you for no good reason.

But as one player pointed out, this can be a good thing. You get bonuses if you’re targeted by multiple people in Tetris 99. So don’t be too upset if multiple people target you at the same time.

Even if it does feel like a conspiracy:

But sometimes even those bonuses don’t help. Some players have said they’ve started a game before and had 19 players targeting them simultaneously. That might be a little too much for anyone.

And if you’ve played the game for any significant length of time, you know the struggles that come with getting that song stuck in your head. Apparently chewing gum might help.

And then there are those moments when you simply have no choice but to put a block in a “meh” place that really isn’t going to help. Sometimes it happens, so u/JackobBoi shared this meme about those moments.


The game may be Battle Royale style, but this is pretty much true of every round, as shared by u/IlluminEthan.


If you don’t speak Spanish, this meme is saying that Tetris 99 combines the best of the classic games and the best of the new games. It’s true.

And then there’s the occasional moment when you hold a block that you’re already holding and things get confusing.

Before we conclude this article, we’ll leave with this stunning video showing Battle Royale games battling:

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