How to Get the Through the Heart Skin in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Through the Heart

Apex Legends first mini-holiday event has begun and players can now obtain a small collection of special cosmetic items. While the special Live Die Live badge can be earned free of charge, the new banner and Through the Heart Longbow skin cannot. Tied specifically to Apex Coins, if you want this weapon you’ll need to shell out some real-world money.

At the time of writing this, the only way to get the Through the Heart Longbow skin is by paying 1,100 Apex Coins. Unless you have 100 Apex Coins hanging around, you will have to pay a minimum of $20 to unlock this skin. There is no pack that sells 100 coins at a time, so purchasing the $10 will not give you enough coins to obtain this skin. There has been zero word or confirmation of being able to get these via loot crates.

Since there’s no way to earn Apex Coins from packs or just playing, you’ll have to spend some dough if you want this skin. The same goes for the Love of the Game banner that’s tied to Pathfinder, as that also costs 1,100 Apex Coins. If you want the Live Die Live badge all you have to do is revive or respawn a teammate between now and February 19. This is very easy to do, so we suspect almost everyone in the community will obtain this badge with little to no trouble.

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