How to Beat the Trial of Artinia in Anthem

Anthem Trial of Artinia

If you want to conquer the world of Anthem then you’ll need to defeat four lengthy trials. Each trial tasks you with completing a variety of challenges, many of which will be completed by just playing the game. Perhaps one of the easiest is the Trial of Artinia, which largely focuses on slaying a bunch of foes and completing events in Freeplay.

Keep in mind, all of the challenges can be finished simultaneously and in any order. Here’s a breakdown of how to complete the Trial of Artinia.

1) Finish 5 World Events

For the unfamiliar, World Events can only be found in Freeplay. These are random events that pop up as you explore and fly through the world. When you are roaming around Freeplay look for any quest marker on your compass that is purple. Owen will typically comment on the event when you get closer. This part will take a bit of time since you are at the mercy of the game spawning a World Event. Some of these can be pretty tricky, so consider bringing a friend with you.

2) Defeat 30 Enemies With a Weapon

This is an incredibly easy challenge that asks players to just kill 30 enemies with a weapon. You should finish this by simply playing the game and trying to complete other Trials. Remember, the final blow has to be dealt with a weapon. It doesn’t matter what type of weapon you use, so don’t worry about equipping anything specific.

3) Land 15 Weak Point Defeats

To finish this part of the trial all you have to do is kill 15 enemies by hitting their critical spot. For the majority of enemies, their weak point will be their head. You will need to make sure the final blow on a foe is a critical hit otherwise it won’t count towards your progress. We recommend using a Marksmen or Sniper rifle. These are precision weapons that can deal a lot of damage from a distance, allowing you to quickly hit their weak point.

4) Defeat 9 Elite Enemies

The final part of this trial requires the player to just kill 9 Elite enemies. These are slightly more powerful foes and they will always have Elite in their title. While you will encounter these foes throughout the campaign, one of the best places to farm Elite class enemies is a Stronghold, When you unlock these Trials you should also obtain the Tyrant’s Mine, which has an entire opening section filled with Elite enemies.

All you have to do is kill 9 of them, so this shouldn’t be that difficult. Just make sure you are around level 10-12 before attempting this mission. Elite foes are pretty dangerous, so it’s important to have some decent gear.

Once every challenge is completed go back to Freeplay and visit the Tomb of Artinia. You can now enter this tomb and collect your rewards.

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