How to Beat the Trial of Gawnes in Anthem

Anthem Trial of Gawnes

As you make your way through Anthem you’ll eventually be tasked with returning to the Heart of Rage. However, to do this you’ll need to beat four trials scattered throughout the Freeplay map. These trials are composed of various challenges that you will finish as you playthrough Anthem. Here’s a breakdown of how to finish all the challenges in the Trial of Gawnes in Anthem.

Remember, all of these challenges can be completed simultaneously and in any order.

1) Kill 50 Enemies With Melee Attacks

Your first task is to melee kill 50 enemies anywhere in the game. The foe has to be killed by a melee strike to count towards your progress. Because of this, you can weaken tougher targets with bullets before finishing them off with a melee strike. When going for this challenge, focus on meleeing all the weaker enemies in a battle. While you can strike the Elite and Legendary class foes, it’s rarely worth the effort and will typically end with you losing a lot of life.

2) Kill 50 Enemies With Your Ultimate

This challenge tasks the player with killing 50 enemies with their ultimate ability. It doesn’t need to be all at once, but we strongly recommend only using your ultimates on groups of enemies. One of the best places to do this is during the boss fight in the Tyrant Mind Stronghold. When the boss retreats it will summon a massive wave of Scorpions. Use your ultimate here to take out around 15-20 enemies.

If you don’t want to do the Stronghold, just activate your ultimate when enemies group up together. Scars are particularly good for this since you can see the tears in reality or their grinder machines. These are where they spawn from, meaning you can just wait by one until a new group arrives.

3) Kill 3 Legendary Enemies

The final challenge requires you to kill three Legendary enemies. These are almost always the final bosses of missions or Strongholds. You should naturally finish this challenge by just completing missions or running Strongholds. It’s fairly easy and won’t require you to land the final blow for it to count towards your progress. Just make sure to do some damage to the Legendary Enemy.

After you finish every challenge, head towards the Tomb of Gawnes in Freeplay. It’s the farthest tomb to the west and should be guarded by some Scorpions. Once you enter, interact with the tomb and you will get some loot and finish this challenge.

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