How to Unlock the Joker’s Wild DLC in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock Jokers Wild

The Season of the Drifter is almost here and that means new content for players to enjoy. Revolving around Gambit, this season is looking to shed some light on the mysterious Drifter and some changes to various weapon archetypes. For those unfamiliar, Bungie has recently swapped over to a seasonal model for Destiny 2’s smaller expansions. This means that accesingJoker’s Wild is a bit different than Warmind or Curse of Osiris.

The only way to unlock Joker’s Wild is to purchase the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Priced at $34.99, this pass gives players access to Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra. Remember, you cannot purchase this content individually, so if you want to play Joker’s Wild you’ll need to obtain the pass. Additionally, all of the content from Joker’s Wild will be released over the course of a season and not available all at once.

So far, the only Exotic we know is coming in Joker’s Wild is the Thorn. A poison-laced hand cannon, the Thorn was infamous in the original Destiny due to its ability to quickly kill foes. There’s no word on when or how we will get this weapon, however, we suspect it will be another lengthy quest.

We also know that Gambit’s blocker mechanic is getting a few tweaks. The new small, medium, and large blockers are a Taken Goblin, Taken Captain, and Taken Knight.┬áInvaders will have more spawn points throughout all of Gambit’s maps, making it far less likely that they spawn in the crosshairs of opponents. While there has been no official confirmation of any new Gambit maps, we would be very surprised if no new levels were introduced.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter and the Joker’s Wild DLC launches on March 5 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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