How to Unlock the Launch Bay in Anthem

Anthem Launch Bay

The world of Anthem can be quite dangerous, so it’s important to have a few places your Freelancer can rest. While Fort Tarsis serves as the primary hub, there is also a social area where other Freelancers can congregate. Called the Launch Bay, this area allows users to not only see one another, but pick up contracts, buy parts, and customize their Javelin. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your Javelin needs.

Sadly, this location is not available right away and is only unlocked after the player has a few missions under their belt. Once you finish the level that has the player meeting the Dominion Monitor for the first time they will obtain access to the Launch Bay. This is around two hours into the game and you should be roughly around level 5 or 6 when it unlocks.

Once you complete the mission, you will automatically be returned to the Launch Bay, where the tutorial messages explain what it has to offer. There’s also a strong chance that you’ll see various other players running around, so feel free to wave or contact them by pressing up on the D-pad.

To your left, you’ll see a bunch of workstations which can be used to customize your Javelin’s gear and appearance. On your right is the vault where you store items and the weekly alliance board. You can also access the Vanity Shop and launch any Expedition via the door on the second floor on the other end of the room. If you want to go back to Fort Tarsis, just turn around and exit via the door behind you.

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