How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Upgrade Weapons

There are a lot of unsettling and twisted things in the world of Metro Exodus, so you’ll need to acquire some firearms if you hope to survive. Thankfully, there is a nice assortment of weapons scattered throughout Russia, all of which can be fully customizable. There are a ton of different upgrades that can radically change the look and performance of a gun, so finding them should be your priority.

Most weapon upgrades will be found on bandits or other human enemies you encounter. Once you kill a foe, approach their gun and look at the weapon’s icon. If any section of this weapon icon is highlighted in orange, then that means it has a weapon upgrade you don’t currently own. Dismantling the gun with B (Xbox One)/ Circle (PS4) will break the weapon down for parts and permanently add that to your inventory.

Additionally, some weapon upgrades and parts can only be found by exploring certain areas or completing specific side quests. As you explore the different regions of Russia you will unlock new, optional missions to complete. These are highly advised since you’ll typically end up with new upgrades for weapons of Artyom’s gear. One example is the high powered scope you can find in sniper’s nest in The Caspian Sea.

Always keep an eye out for weapon upgrades, as they make a huge difference in your weapon’s performance. Remember, you can swap upgrades for every equipped weapon on the fly by opening up your backpack. There’s no penalty to switching between upgrades, so fee; free to tailor firearms to your needs.