Will Apex Legends Have Cross-Play?

Apex Legends Crossplay


One of the big questions surrounding the launch of Apex Legends is whether it will have cross-platform support.

Big games such as Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft, just to name a few, have full cross-play support which opens the door for other games to add it in too.

Apex Legends is just the latest game to receive this question, but unlike many other games, the answer might be something you are excited to hear.

According to Eurogamer, cross-play will be coming to the game.

Although cross-play is unavailable at launch, Respawn told Eurogamer it “plans to allow players to play with their friends on other platforms”. Cross-progress and cross-purchases, however, will never be possible in Apex Legends, “due to the way systems were set up early on” which “can’t [be] reconciled after the fact”

Other than the cross-play tidbit, there’s a lot more about the development of this game in the Eurogamer article so that’s worth a read if you want to know more.

While cross-play is coming, it does not sound like your account will be transferable between the different platforms.

PS4, Xbox One and PC players will all be able to play with each other but it doesn’t look like there will be much more than that.

It’s disappointing to see as Fortnite was able to make it so your progress transfers between all of the platforms seamlessly. Respawn says this won’t be an option because of the way the systems were set up early on.

This means PS4 players will have a few extra cosmetics as there is a PS Plus pack currently being offered to them.

Outside of that, the game will play the same on all platforms with the same cosmetics being available.

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