How to Get the 21% Delirium Pinnacle Weapon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock 21% Delirium

Season of the Drifter is officially underway and there’s a ton of content for Destiny 2 players to enjoy. One of the major items that users will be chasing are the three Pinnacle weapons tied to Gambit, the Crucible, and Vanguard activities. The 21% Delirium is an Arc machine gun that gets stronger with every kill landed. This buff will not go away until you stow or reload the weapon. Like other Pinnacle Weapons, unlocking them will require you to complete multiple steps.

Tied to the Notorious Hustle triumph, you can start this quest by picking up the just from Drifter. After speaking with him you’ll be required to complete three steps for the 21% Delirium Gambit Pinnacle weapon to unlock.

Here is a rundown of each step in to unlock this gun:

1) Get 75 Multikills in Gambit

The first step of this quest is to get 75 multikills in any Gambit activity. A multikill is when you kill more than two enemies in very rapid succession. Because of this, we actually suggest playing the normal Gambit mode for this part of the quest. Enemies are a lot easier to kill and there are typically big groups of lower-tier foes in the first round. The Breakneck is especially great for this since it’s great at quickly eliminating entire groups of enemies.

2) Kill Envoys and Primevals

Despite being simple, this step will take some work since it requires you to kill a lot of Envoys and final bosses. During a single game of Gambit Prime – which we won – we only racked up a couple percentage points. This will take a lot of time, but since you need to reset your Infamy rank you should eventually unlock this just by playing.

For those unfamiliar, the Primeval Envoys are the wizards that spawn alongside the boss.  Destroying these in the regular Gambit mode will cause the damage buff to begin stacking. However, in Gambit Prime you need to actually kill the envoys to even have a chance at dealing damage to the boss.

3) Reset Your Infamy Rank

The final step for unlocking the 21% Delirium is to reset your Infamy Rank once. This is tied to Gambit’s ladder, which will increase as you earn experience. XP is gained by winning matches or turning in bounties given out by the Drifter. The more you win, the greater the amount of experience you get at the end of the match. This modifier stacks up to five times and it will reset if you lose a game.

You’ll need to climb 16 ranks – including finishing out the 16th – to earn the ability to reset your Infamy Rank. Once you’ve maxed out the Legend rank, go into the Gambit menu and select the Reset option. This will complete the final step of the quest and hopefully unlock the 21% Delirium for you. Remember, Destiny 2 typically has a few weekends where your Infamy XP is either doubled or tripled. Use these to your advantage since they let you climb the ranks very quickly.

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