Which Perks Should You Get First in The Division 2

The Division 2 Best Beginner Perks

There are a lot of different stats and abilities you’ll need to keep track of in The Division 2. This can make hopping in a bit daunting, especially since you can unlock virtually any perk if you have enough SHD Tech. While all of the perks in this title are great, it’s critical that you pick the right ones early on. If you’re just starting out or making a new character, these are the perks you should unlock first.

Accolade Perks

Despite not being flashy, these four perks all award players with bonus experience for performing certain actions. Given you want to hit Level 30 as soon as possible, grabbing all of these experience perks will certainly help. We strongly suggest you grab these right away, so you can rank up much faster and spend less time grinding experience before missions. These should be your must grab perks when you begin The Division 2.

Armor Kit Perks

The next set of perks we suggest grabbing are the Armor Kits, which increases the number of armor kits you can carry. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group it can never hurt to have extra armor kits. These can save your life, especially if you aren’t running any equipment that’s designed to heal you or your squadmates. Make sure to upgrade this at least once before you hit level 10.

Deconstruction Perks

Another perk that is way better the earlier you obtain it. Deconstruction perks will give you extra resources every time you break down a weapon or armor piece. Given how important crafting materials will become, nabbing this should help you fill your coffers and let you build anything you need. The upgrade version of this perk will also give you a chance at receiving rare materials during a deconstruction which is always helpful.

Inventory Slot Perks

The Division 2 throws a lot of loot at players, so consider increasing your inventory slots at least once when you start playing. This is especially useful if you’re trying to sell extra gear instead of deconstructing it. During our time playing, we found that this only needed to be upgraded once until we hit the endgame.

Crafting Material/Resource Perks

Finally, make sure to grab a few of the Crafting Material Perks, especially once you unlock the ability to craft. There are a ton of containers scattered throughout Washington D.C. and it’s easy to find yourself constantly discovering crafting materials. Upgrading this simply increases the amount you can hold, which is quite useful.

Additionally, the Resource perk is quite useful since you’ll need to liberate control points and donate resources to certain civilians. We suggest picking the first step of this perk during your first few hours as well. Both are great, especially as you start progressing through The Division 2’s midgame.

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