How to Earn the Chronicler Title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Chronicler Title

There are a lot of titles in Destiny 2, but one of the rarest is the Chronicler. Tied specifically to unlocking pieces of lore, this seal requires users to complete 10 separate lore books. This is easier said than done since many of these books require you to either hunt down specific items, complete certain tasks, or just hope that RNG is on your side.

Given how much information is shrouded around finishing each lore book, obtaining Chronicler can be tricky. Thankfully, we have your back and will show you how to rock this fancy moniker.

Here’s how to unlock the Chronicler title in Destiny 2:

  1. 1) The Tangled Shore

  2. Destiny 2 third seed of light

  3. This is the easiest book to complete as it simply requires you to finish the Forsaken expansion campaign. By just going through the storyline and finishing this DLC you will complete The Tangled Shore book. Most of you probably already have this book completed without even knowing it.
  4. 2) Uldren Sov (The Forsaken Prince)

    The next book revolves around collecting a variety of items scattered throughout the galaxy. Out of the 20 collectibles, 16 of them are interactable objects that you have to physically seek out and interact with. The other four are tied to the following campaign missions:

  • Length of the Chain Part I
  • Length of the Chain Part II
  • After the Heart Part 1
  • In the Garden

After completing the missions above you will earn their respective entries in The Forsaken Prince lore book. For the other 16, we recommend using Youtuber Esoterickk’s video above. Following this will show you the location of every piece of lore needed for this book. Once it’s complete, simply select the Uldren Sov book to complete this part of the Seal.

3) The Man They Call Cayde

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Quest

Welcome to your first RNG-based lore book. In order to complete The Man They Call Cayde you’ll need to unlock 14 separate entries. You can obtain any entry by opening a chest, but the drop rate is very, very low. However, you can greatly increase your chances by opening chests in the Ace in the Hole mission. If you’ve already beaten this mission, then you can replay it when it randomly appears in the Daily Heroic Story playlist.

When this mission appears in the playlist is random, so make sure to keep checking back when they swap at noon every day. During our playthrough, we averaged around 2-3 entries a run, but this, of course, can change based on your RNG.

 4) Marasenna

To complete this book you are going to need to finish several activities and obtain the Wishender bow. You’ll complete this book by destroying all 40 Taken Eggs scattered throughout The Dreaming City, The Shattered Throne, and Last Wish raid. These eggs can only be destroyed by using the Wish-Ender which is obtained by completing a specific quest tied to The Dreaming City’s dungeon.

After you obtain this bow, start knocking off the Taken Eggs hidden in the city. This step will take a long time since there are Taken Eggs hidden in every Ascendant Challenge. You’ll have to wait until they become available, which means checking every single week until all of them are destroyed. Additionally, a bunch are hidden in The Shattered Throne which appears once every three weeks and several others are tied to the raid. We suggest using Evade’s video above to find every Taken Egg location and Lowlidev to track which ones are already destroyed.

5) Truth to Power

Destiny 2 Shuro Chi raid

Ready for another time-consuming lore book that will take ages to finish? In order to complete Truth to Power you need to keep visiting queen Mara Sov’s throne world every three weeks. You can only unlock one a week, so be prepared to spend a comical amount of time grinding for these entries. You will know when you can visit Mara Sov, because the Taken curse will be at its height in The Dreaming City.

When you see giant Taken orbs floating in the air, complete the Blind Well weekly bounty given out by Petra. This will earn you an Offering to the Oracle, which can be turned in and visit Mara’s throne world. Once there, simply open the chest waiting for you to earn some loot and an entry in this book.

6) The Awoken of the Reef

Another item specific book, to complete all of the entries in The Awoken of the Reef you need to obtain 23 Crystalized Thoughts. These are hidden throughout the galaxy, but they are all fairly easy to obtain. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to get all of them and once you’ve collected the last Crystalized Thought then you will complete this book. Make sure to watch  HarryNinetyFour’s video above to see all their locations.

7) The Drifter

Destiny 2 Gambit Private Matches

A lot of you may have most of the entries completed for The Drifter lore book already. A lot of the entries are simply given out for completing matches of Gambit (Not Gambit Prime), so by just finishing matches, you’ll have a chance to earn an entry regardless if you win or lose. There’s no evidence to suggest that completing Gambit matches when The Dreaming City curse is at its apex increases your chances.

A few of the other entries are tied to the Malfeasance quest, which is started by killing the large Ascendant Primeval Servitor. This boss will randomly appear in the second or third rounds, so if you see it make sure to slay this enemy first to start the quest. Finally, your last entry requires you to finish the Mote Thief Triumph, which is unlocked by being an invader and leaving with three motes.

This is easier said than done since worrying about collecting motes is usually the last thing on your mind when you’re invading. We recommend using a long-range weapon like The Queenbreaker to pick a few targets off from afar before you rush in to collect your motes. Remember, killing 4 people will send you back to your arena, so don’t wipe the entire squad. Just play it safe after you get three motes. Motes will only drop from enemies that your opponents have killed, but not collected yet. There’s some RNG here, but if you are diligent about when you invade then this last part of the book should be easy to unlock.

8) Variks the Loyal

Destiny 2 Baron

Entries in the Variks the Loyal book will only unlock when you complete Heroic Adventures in The Taken Shore. Finishing one will reward you give you a chance to unlock an entry and these Heroic Adventures are only available when the week’s Flashpoint is tied to The Taken Shore. Because of this, you’ll need to just wait until this happens and then grind out Baron hunts until the book is completed.

Since this is tied to the Flashpoint, we suggest that you bite the bullet and just keep repeating the Heroic Adventure until you unlock every entry. This is the only way to complete the Variks the Loyal book for the Chronicler title.

9) The Dreaming City

Destiny 2 Forsaken Blood Cleaver

If you’ve been keeping up with Destiny 2 then there’s a pretty high chance this book is finished as well. To complete The Dreaming City you need to simply finish activities or open up chests throughout this location. There appears to be no difference depending on the week, however, we got more entries by finishing Blind Well runs. This shouldn’t take a lot of time and you should obtain it by completing your Powerful Bounties each week.

10) Ghost Stories

Finally, the last book you need to finish is another item hunt. Hidden on every planet are dead Ghosts, which can be interacted with to earn a piece of lore. You can gather every Ghost except one anytime you log onto Destiny 2. Only one Ghost is tied to The Machinist story, which can be replayed via the Daily Heroic Story playlist in the Vanguard subtab. Once you’ve obtained all of the Ghosts you will finish this book. Make sure to use Esoterikk’s video guide above to find where they are all hidden.

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