How to Kill the Gambit Prime Primeval Boss in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Boss

Gamit Prime is the newest mode introduced into Destiny 2 via the Season of the Drifter. A concentrated and more intense variation of the PvPvE mode, this activity was designed to test your skills. There are a number of changes made to Gambit Prime, including an increased mote total and much stronger enemies. However, the biggest alteration comes in the form of the boss which has a unique mechanic players have to grapple with.

Here is how to defeat the Gambit Prime Primeval in Destiny 2:

When the boss spawns he will actually be invincible and immune to all forms of damage. However, the Envoys that spawn alongside the Primeval are vulnerable and need to be killed first., They will spawn in one of three locations around the map and are always marked with a red diamond. Two will appear at first, but after you kill them a third Envoy along with a pool of darkness will appear.

Slaying the third Envoy will cleanse the pool of darkness and infuse it with light. This will also lower the shield of the boss and allow you to deal damage to this foe. Once the pool of light appears (marked by a blue diamond) run into it. This will give you a damage buff and let you make progress to their health bar.

While you can damage the boss without touching the pool of light, it won’t be nearly enough. Additionally, you will obtain one stack of Primeval Slayer which increases every time you complete this cycle. After the Primeval Slayer timer hits zero you will need to repeat the process again, with each subsequent DPS phase increasing your damage against the boss.

The order for the Primeval phase goes:

  • Kill the first two Envoys
  • Kill the third Envoy, cleansing the pool of darkness
  • Touch the pool of light to buff your weapons
  • Damage the boss until the timer hits zero
  • Repeat until the boss is dead

It’s very hard to kill the boss in a single phase and you will also need to contend with Invaders during this fight. If you can help it, do not kill the third Envoy until the Invader is killed. You only have a few seconds to shoot the boss and you don’t want to spend your time focusing on an enemy player. If the timer hits zero before either boss is killed, the team with the weakest Primeval wins.

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