How to Leave Your Group in The Division 2

The Division 2 Leave Group

With The Division 2 finally released, players are joining forces to retake Washington D.C.  While the entire game can be played solo, one of the best ways to experience this title is with a few friends. This co-op shooter allows players to join and experience every activity together. Users can also battle alongside random players via matchmaking, however, the squad will not disband once a mission is finished. You’ll need to leave the group if you want that to happen.

In order to leave a group in The Division 2, you will need to first open up the social menu. After you do this, double click on your profile name to select it. Simply highlighting the name will not enable the tabs on the right. Once you double click your profile name the option to leave your group is selectable on the right. After you highlight Leave Group, just confirm this action and you will be whisked back to your own, solo server.

Remember, you can leave a group at any time and don’t need to complete an activity for this feature to be enabled. Additionally, if you want to quickly quit the game on PC, just type /quit into the text chat box and the game will end. Remember, online features will only be enabled after you complete both prologue missions and speak to the Quartermaster.

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