How to Use Middling Motes in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Middling Mote

With Season fo the Drifter now released, Destiny 2 players can finally get their hands on the new mode, Gambit Prime. Designed as a more competitive version of the mode, there have been a number of changes made to how matches play out. One of the biggest is the introduction of four class-based armor sets for Gambit Prime. While you can get a set early on, you’ll need to use your Middling Motes for higher tier armor.

Currently, you can only use Middling Motes when The Reckoning Tier 2 unlocks this Friday, March 8. Until then, you are unable to use them so just start grinding for Synths. Only the Weak Motes are available, but given how underpowered this gear is we don’t suggest using your Synths. Once tier 2 goes live you should be able to deposit them into the bank before you jump into the portal below.

Additionally, there will probably be one more version of the Synthesizer since there are three versions of every Gambit armor set. You’ll most likely have to wait until The Reckoning Tier 3 unlocks on March 15. Right now, you should focus on grinding out Synths and raising your Light level. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next stage of The Reckoning was somewhere around Light 660 or 665. So get out there and start grinding Powerful Engrams otherwise you may not be able to even finish tier 2 and get your new armor.

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