MTG Modern Horizons: Release Date, Pricing, & Cards

Modern Horizons Release Date

Wizards of the Coast has finally unveiled their newest supplementary set, Modern Horizons. Aimed strictly at the Modern format, this new set will feature a ton of new cards and some reprints. Announced during an official Magic: The Gathering stream on February 28, this will be a moderately large set. Keep in mind, none of the cards in Modern Horizons will be legal in Standard.

(Author’s Note: Since we are still a few months away from its official release, we will be updating this piece as new information becomes available.)

  1. Modern Horizons’ Release Date

  2. Modern Horizons is set to release on June 13 for Magic Online players and June 14 for paper users. However, if you want to get your hands on this set as soon as possible, you can partake in pre-release events between June 8-9. There has been no word if Modern Horizons will ever make it to MTG Arena.

Modern Horizons’ Price

If you are looking to purchasde a booster box of Modern Horizons, be prepared to spend a lot of cash. Currently, websites such as StarCityGames, TCGPlayer, and CardKingdom price the boxes as around $219.99 give or take a few cents. This is quite pricey given there are minimal reprints and a ton of new cards. Given the trending MSRP among retailers, this means that a booster pack will run around $6 a pop.

Unlike previous modern sets, it’s difficult to judge if the price of Modern Horizons will go up or down. A lot of these cards have not been used in the modern format, so knowing their actual value is impossible. Because of this we strongly, strongly recommend only buying the singles you need. There are a lot of variables with this set and paying over $200 for a booster box is a lot to ask.

Modern Horizons’ Cards

During the stream, Wizards of the Coast revealed that there would be 249 new cards in the set and 5 reprinted cards. That reprint number may sound low, but these are actually cards that released before 8th Edition. Because of this, they will be entirely new to the modern format but are still reprinted cards.

The real driving point for this set are the new cards, two of which were shown off during the reveal stream. Here are two of the cards coming to Modern Horizons in June:

Cabal Therapist

Modern Horizons Cabal Therapist

Serra the Benevolent 

Serra the Benevolent

We’re excited to see how this format shakes up the current Modern meta. With decks like Humans, Spirits, Grixis Death’s Shadow, and Izzet Phoenix tearing up the format, one has to wonder if Modern Horizons will introduce any cards to counteract these powerful decks.

Remember, none of the cards in this set will be legal in Standard. Because of that, Wizards of the Coast is freed up to add a little more power to these cards without “breaking” the core format.

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