How to Beat O’Rin of the Water in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice O'Rin of the Water

There are a lot of bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but O’Rin of the Water is one of the most curious. An NPC you can speak to you, she will only become hostile if you ignore her or fail to tell her where her Lord is. This means she will hang around her arena and only attack once provoked. However, she can prove to be a tough foe, especially if you aren’t prepared for her style of combat.

Before the fight even begins you can actually land a cheeky Shinobi Death Blow from behind. Shoutout to Reddit user Draculax420 for sharing this rather humorous way to turn the tables on O’Rin of the Water. When you approach O’Rin, equip a Ceramic Shard and move behind her. If you throw the shard and it hits her, this will stagger O’Rin and give you about half a second to land a free death blow!

Once the battle actually begins, gain some distance and get ready to play defensively. Like the Centipede Giraffe, this fight is all about deflecting and striking after her combo is finished. Most of O’Rin’s abilities revolve around her warp right by you and performing a series of quick slashes. Block these and gain some distance after each barrage of attacks.

You are waiting for her to jump up into the air and corkscrew down at you. Block this attack and get ready to jump over her Perilous low slash. This gives you a quick opening to strike her and back off. Don’t overstay your welcome, as O’Rin has a quick counterattack that can decimate your health bar.

Instead, play this fight safe and wait for openings either when she whiffs her combos or during her Perilous attacks. Unless you are rocking Divine Confetti – which deals extra damage to spirits like her – you will be on the defensive this fight. Only hit her during the brief windows between combos and don’t try to be the aggressor.

Additionally, firecrackers work wonders here and can stun O’Rin when she warps to you. Throw them right down right as you see her begin to transport herself to you. The Loaded Umbrella is also great for this fight since it can absorb her quick combos. If you do have Divine Confetti, make sure to apply it away from her since it has a long cast time.

This buff only lasts a short time, so make the most of it because the confetti will double your damage against her. Remember, this is a Posture fight, not one where you wail away at her health bar!

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