How to Get the Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock Oxygen SR3

The Season of the Drifter is officially underway and that means there are three new Pinnacle Weapons for players to unlock. Considered some of the best weapons in the entire game, these guns are only obtainable after completing a lengthy quest. The Vanguard or PvE weapon is the Oxygen SR3.

This is a scout rifle with a unique perk that increases the damage done from Dragonfly based on the number of precision hits to land prior to it triggering. If you want to unlock this weapon be prepared to grind a lot of Strikes or Nightfalls. To obtain this quest, visit Zavala in The Tower and pick up the quest called Redeployment. You will be tasked with completing The Best Offense triumph to unlock this weapon.

Here is a breakdown of how to complete each step to unlock the Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon, Oxygen SR3:

1) Land 1,000 Precision Final Blows

For this step, you’ll need to kill 1,000 enemies with a precision final blow. This means you have to be the person who defeats the enemy otherwise it will not count towards your progress. We recommend using a Scout Rifle, Pulse Rifle, or Hand Cannon for this step. While you can use other weapons, these are the easiest to land precision hits with.

Remember these have to be done in Strikes or Nightfalls. Since you can now pick individual Strikes, we suggest doing The Hollowed Lair, Lake of Shadows, or Strange Terrian since they have a high volume of easily killable enemies. Plus, they typically boast large groups of foes, which can make reaching 1,000 defeated foes a lot easier.

2) Generate 500 Orbs

In order to finish this part, you’ll need to generate 500 orbs in Strikes or Nightfalls. These can either be from your Super or a Masterwork weapon. We suggest using any Masterwork gun since you can generate orbs and make progress towards your precision kill count. Additionally, try to use Supers that focus specifically on killing hordes of enemies and not just single target damage.

Stormtrance, Blade Barrage, Hammer of Sol, Fists of Havoc, and Nova Bomb are all great for generating orbs. Additionally, consider running any Exotic armor piece that gives you Super energy on kills like the Skull of Dire Ahamkara for the Warlock. This step will take some time, but it’s fairly simple.

3) Complete Strikes or Nightfalls

The final step for this Pinnacle Weapon requires you to just complete Strikes or Nightfalls. You will earn 1% for completing a Strike, meaning you’ll need to finish 100 Strikes to finish this step. However, you’ll earn more percentage points if you grind Nightfalls. Because of this we highly advise you just power through Nightfalls. Since the modifier doesn’t matter, just slap on an elemental singe or your choice and Heavyweight. This will let you burn through bosses and quickly finish Nightfalls.

After you complete all three steps you will unlock the Oxygen SR3 Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon. Now get out there and show those aliens who is the boss, Guardian!

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