How to Beat Snake Eyes Shirahagi in Sekiro

Sekiro Snake Eyes Shirahagi

Just when you thought you were finally free of all the gun-wielding enemies in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice along comes Snake Eyes Shirahagi. This boss is essentially the exact same fight as the past Snake Eyes, but she will have back up and a much smaller arena. Thankfully, Shirahagi is remarkably easy to beat if you know when to strike at this foe. It also helps that you can land a stealth death blow on Snake Eyes before the fight even starts!

When you enter the Ashina Depths, use some Gachin’s Sugar to become translucent and grapple your way across the pool. If you are fast enough you can land on the big stone head right by Snake Eyes without being detected. Now sneak up behind Shirahagi and deliver the first death blow to start the fight.

Keep in this arena, otherwise, other enemies will take potshots at you from afar. Unlike other enemies, you want to actually get aggressive with Snake Eyes and bait this foe’s deflect counterattack. Once Shirahagi deflects, the follow-up attack will either be a kick into a gun blast or her Perilous grab attack. Both of these can be easily dodged and punished.

For Snake Eyes, focus on increasing the Posture meter since you’ll be on the offensive. Make sure to block the chain combos and even when it seems like Snake Eyes is done don’t lower your guard. Shirahagi will typically use her rifle to finish combos and knock you on your ass. This can be punished, but it’s risky since you’ll need to be right on Snake Eyes to stop the gun from going off.

Firecrackers are especially good in this fight since most of Snake Eyes’ attacks are fairly close range. Just throw them down, land a few shots and wait to deflect her counter move. If you don’t manage to land a stealth blow, just kill the two riflemen on the left island before battling. You can also get Snake Eyes’ A.I. stuck on the roof of this shack sometimes, but it’s not a consistent method.

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