How to Get the Spare Rations Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Spare Rations

With the Season of the Drifter now officially live, Destiny 2 players have a collection of new guns and armor pieces to chase. One of these weapons is the Spare Rations hand cannon that is tied to Gambit. A lightweight frame model, this weapon has a base magazine of 13 and fires 150 rounds-per-minute. However, if you want to get the Spare Rations it’s going to take a bit of luck and time.

You can only unlock the Spare Rations hand cannon by completing matches of Gambit Prime or increasing your Infamy rank. Like other Gambit weapons, the Spare Rations is specifically tied to this mode, so you’ll need to grind out some games if you want the gun. Additionally, it could be a reward for any Powerful Engrams that are given out in Gambit Prime.

There’s no guaranteed method for unlocking this gun, so you’ll need to just keep grinding until it appears. Remember, this gun isn’t tied to any package given out by the Drifter or sold individually at any vendor. Additionally, the Spare Rations has random rolls so it make take a while before you find the perfect one.

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