How to Start the Thorn Quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Start Thorn Quest

The Thorn quest has officially begun, but for those not closely following Bungie or Destiny 2 it may be difficult to locate. Unlike other Exotic quests, this isn’t given by just completing a quest or talking to a vendor. Instead, you’ll need to exploring part of the world if you want to add the Thorn to your collection. Here’s how to start the Thorn quest and claim the Twisted Hunk of Metal.

To start, drop into the Trostlands which is located in the EDZ. From here, run past the church and make your way into the salt mines. Venture down into the depths, kill the Fallen, and approach the large service elevator. To its left, you should see a transporter, so go ahead and stand on it.

Select “Transmit” to be warped to the top of the Salt Mines instantly. Now fight your way up the hill until you reach a large door that’s blocked by a shield. Directly across from the shield you should spot a small ledge with a protective guardrail. Walk alongside it and then jump into the hole right above your eyes.

This will lead you to a secret campsite where the Twisted Hunk of Metal is located. Approach the ash pile and inspect it to obtain the Thorn quest and begin your journey. Now go back to Banshee-44 in The Tower to obtain the next step for obtaining this powerful hand cannon.

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