How to Unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2

The Division 2 Unlock Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is one of the premiere features of The Division 2. A PvPvE activity, players can hunt for loot or rob other agents trying to extract goods. It’s a tense mode that demands players to be on the top of their game. However, if you want to hop right into the Dark Zone you’ll need to wait a bit.

In order to unlock the Dark Zone you’ll need to recruit Senait Ezera and then complete a specific mission. You can only recruit Senait after completing several campaign missions and you should be around level 9-10 when she arrives. You can find Ezera in the alleyway of the Theater Settlement.

Once you speak with her, a mission will open at the eastern Dark Zone entrance. Go here and complete the quest to unlock this zone. There are three Dark Zones, so you’ll need to complete quests corresponding to each location. Don’t worry, the quests are quite easy and are mainly designed to teach you the basics of this activity.

Remember, the Dark Zone boasts its own leveling system and perks. So we suggest at least beating the campaign and hitting level 30 before really spending some time in this activity. Since the DZ offers some great loot, you’re better off farming for gear once you hit the max rank. Additionally, make sure to go back to The White House and select your special Dark Zone-focused perks.

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