How to Unlock & Equip Weapon Mods in The Division 2

If you want to survive the mean streets of Washington D.C. then you’ll need to mod your weapons in The Division 2. Unlockable via perks, players can alter and change certain components of their guns. Not only will this tune the weapon’s performance to your liking, but it will offer various stat increases. This makes altering your guns vital, especially as you face more challenging foes.

How to Unlock Weapon Mods

The Division 2 Unlock Weapon Mods

To unlock weapon mods you’ll need to upgrade the corresponding Perks via the Quartermaster. You can also create mods via the crafting station, howver, you need to find that mod’s blueprint first. As you complete missions, explore locations, and level up you’ll earn SHD Points. These are then spent at the Quartermaster in The White House to upgrade various Perks such as increased carrying capacity. You can also purchase various mods for weapons that will affect how they perform in the field.

There are multiple mods per category and you’ll need to unlock subsequent ones to gain access to others. So if you want an increased magazine for 7.62 weapons then you’ll have to obtain the Magazine 1 & 2 Perks first. We recommend obtaining these mods early on so you can experiment out in the world.

How to Equip Weapon Mods

The Division 2 Equip Weapon Mods

To actually equip them, open up your inventory and select the weapon you want to mod. Hit the corresponding Mod button in the bottom right corner to pull up the gun you’re examining. From this screen, you8 can select which components you want to mod, along with seeing what stats increases and decreases each one offers.

Not every weapon can modded and some guns can only take a few. Finally, you can mod your weapons on the fly, so if you need a better scope for an engagement quickly go into your menu and attach it. There’s a decent amount of components you can alter, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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