How to Unlock Skills & Perks in The Division 2

The Division 2 Unlock Skills Perks

The Division 2 has gone live and it’s time to gear up so you take back Washington D.C.  While there is no shortage of weapons you can use, some of your best tools come in form of Perks and Skills. These allow you to fit into specific classes such as support or tank. However, if you want to actually equip them you’ll need to do a bit of backtracking.

In order to unlock new Perks or Skills, you’ve obtained you need to go back to the Base of Operations (The White House). Once at the base, speak to the Quartermaster on the first floor to equip, upgrade, or unlock new abilities. Remember, this is the only place you can unlock new abilities so make sure to go back once you obtain Perk Points.

Skills are the pieces of equipment you can carry out into the field. These vary from explosive drones to a healing gas to a mini-turret. All of these have multiple variations, which allows you to give your Division Agent a specific role. You can only hold two at a time, so make sure to pick the ones you want.

Perks are passive abilities such as increasing the number of grenades you can hold or specific items you unlock for guns. These are quite useful and it’s vital that you constantly unlock new ones as you progress. If you want to survive in The Division 2 you’ll need to maintain and select the right Skills for your character.

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