How to Unlock The Reckoning in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock The Reckoning

Season of the Drifter is finally here and there’s a new collection of activities for Destiny 2 players to enjoy. One of these modes is The Reckoning, a timed PvE experience meant to seriously challenge experienced players. Locked inside the giant ball that the Drifter’s ship is carrying around, this a brand new area for players to explore. However, it will not be unlocked when you start and you’ll need to put in a little work for it to be playable.

To unlock The Reckoning you’ll need to complete a match of Gambit Prime. This is a concentrated, very competitive version of the PvPvE mode. Distilled into a single round, players will have to compete against tougher foes and will need to bank 100 motes to summon a boss. After you finish Gambit Prime go speak to the Drifter who will give you a Weak Synthesizer which allows you to go into The Reckoning.

Keep in mind the recommended Light for The Reckoning is 650, so make sure you are at or near max level before going in. To access The Reckoning, go to Orbit and select the Gambit tab. At the very top, you’ll see The Reckoning and will not be able to access the activity. This will be the next step of your quest, so we suggest you complete this mode before deciding to grind more Gambit Prime.

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