How to Upgrade Your Synthesizer in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Upgrade Synthesizer

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter is in full swing and there is a variety of activities to participate in. However, the newest is Gambit Prime which is a harder, shorter variation of the PvPvE mode. Along with a variety of changes, this mode also boasts a unique collection of armor that gives the wearer special buffs when in a Gambit Prime match. This makes them especially potent and highly desirable. However, you’ll need to upgrade your Synthesizer if you want some of the best quality gear.

To upgrade your Synthesizer you’ll need to complete one of the four Prime Weekly Bounties offered by the Drifter. These are given out after you obtain the Synthesizer and complete a single game of The Reckoning. After that, speak to the Drifter and pick up one of the bounties offered. Keep in mind each bounty is tied to either the Invader, Sentry, Collector or Reaper classification, so pick the one you want.

Each bounty will require you to win four matches in The Reckoning and then complete a specific task tied to your Gambit Prime class. This can be defeating blockers or killing Guardians in Gambit Prime. Once the bounty is complete, turn it in and your machine will be upgraded to a Middling Synthesizer and give you better Gambit Prime armor.

The Middling Synthesizer will require two Synths per armor piece, so get ready to get out there and grind for loot! It will take sometime before you have a complete armor set that offers more than one perk.

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