How to Find the Avengers Weapons in Fortnite Endgame

Fortnite Endgame Avengers Weapon Locations

Fortnite’s second Marvel crossover mode has officially arrived and it’s absolutely chaotic. Players assume the role of either the heroes or the villains, with the former given the chance to find and use special Avengers style weapons. These can include Iron Man’s repulsors, Thor’s axe, Hawkeye’s bow, or Captain America’s iconic shield. All of the weapons are exceptionally powerful and we recommend picking one up as soon as possible.

Everyone on the Avengers’ side is given a treasure map that will lead them to their specific Avengers weapon. When you jump from the bus look for the golden light on the ground and fly towards that. Once you reach the big X in the ground, start hitting it with your pickaxe to dig up a chest containing one of the four Avenger’s items.

Keep in mind on the heroes can wield Avenger weapons in the Endgame mode. Those assuming the role of the villains will become Chitari and have their own, unique set of abilities. Additionally, if someone on the enemy team finds an Infinity Stone they will transform into the Mad Titan, Thanos. The objective of the game is to either collect all six Infinity Stones if you’re the villains or protect them if you’re an Avenger.

This mode also boasts its own challenges, so make sure to complete this book to earn a special Avengers-themed glider.

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