5 Cyber Hunter Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Another horse has entered the mobile battle royale race – Cyber Hunter!

NetEase Games is certainly well-versed in the genre – they’re the developers behind Rules of Survival and Knives Out, after all. Their latest take on the popular gaming sub-genre is a more futuristic spin on the formula. As a Wanderer, you can choose to go it alone or squad up with your fellow survivors for some heavy looting and shooting. You’ll need to make good use of your varied mobility options, Skill loadouts, and an assortment of items as you navigate a huge map full of enemy Wanderers. We played a ton of matches and even won a few, so we have a good idea of what it takes to claim the #1 spot during a Cyber Hunter battle!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Cyber Hunter:

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1. Your Usual Battle Royale Rules Apply Here

Cyber Hunter

NetEase Games

Cyber Hunter is quite similar to the usual gamut of battle royale games. If you’re a seasoned pro, then you should have no problem warming up to this game’s intricacies. If this is your first battle royale rodeo, take heed of the advice we’re about to give you. Before you make your descent, make sure to pinpoint a location that has a couple of houses and other landmarks nearby.

• You’re more likely to find your first set of equipment and items much faster here. Pay attention to the safe area and be sure to move quickly when the circle begins to close in. Stay mobile, pull off a combat roll when the action gets a bit hectic, and crouch/aim down the sights whenever you’ve got an unsuspecting enemy in your sights. Scavenge as quickly as you can, heal up on the go or whenever no enemies are present, and make good use of your skills whenever necessary. Keep all this in mind and you should eventually reach the #1 survivor spot after successfully completing a match!

2. The Right Approach to Competitive Solo

Cyber Hunter

NetEase Games

• You can take on the toughest challenge of all within Cyber Hunter by hopping into Competitive Solo mode. You can’t rely on your fellow teammates here – it’s up to you to eliminate the rest of the competition and survive until there’s no one left but you. Depending on the Skills you’ve unlocked, you should head into solo battles with a Skill set that increases your odds of victory.

• As you reach new Player Level’s, new Skills become unlocked. For solo battles, the more offensive and defensive Skill items are more beneficial to your survival. So for example, heading into a solo battle with the Monitor, Tree, and Fire Support Skills equipped should be one of your preferred Skill sets. As for the types of weapons you should utilize more within solo matches, SMG’s, Auto Rifle’s, and Semi-Auto Shotgun’s work much better in this type of battle situation.

3. Be the Best Teammate You Can be in 2- and 4-Player Squads

Cyber Hunter

NetEase Games

• You can switch up your approach once you throw yourself into 2- or 4-player squad matches. When it comes to the type of Skill’s you should equip for these types of skirmishes, the items that lend itself to healing are your best bet. Make sure you save one slot for a Skill that primarily aids you, such as the Fort or Optical Camouflage. This optimal loadout is an example of the type of Skills that work best for you and your squad – Healing Device, First-Aid Device, and Shield Wall.

• During squad matches, always stick close to your allies and hook up a headset so you can actually talk strategy with them. Every type of firearm is usable within squad matches, but two particular weapon types work a bit better here. Sniper Rifle’s are preferable if you’d like to aid your teammates from a close but hidden location, while Heavy Weapon’s work well if you’re looking to add more fire support to your team during an intense firefight. Vehicles especially come in handy during squad battles – if you or someone else in your party happens to find a 2- or 4-seater vehicle, call in the troops and take it for a ride! Driving off to a safe location full of extra goodies is the name of the game here.

4. Keep Track of Every Type of Achievement and the Rewards Granted by Them

Cyber Hunter has all sorts of goodies to throw your way. And most of them are delivered through the many types of achievements and assorted tasks you’re asked to complete. The “Path of Growth” menu lists your “Daily Quests,” “Growth Challenges,” “Level Rewards,” and “Tier Rewards.”

• You should make it a personal duty to complete the full list of Daily Missions during your daily playthroughs – you shouldn’t log off the game until you nab a Legendary and Elite Activeness Crate for your efforts. By the way, don’t forget to claim your daily Sign-in Reward! Just tap on the golden gift box at the top of the main menu screen. As for the other types of achievements, take note of them all to see which ones you haven’t completed and be sure to claim your rewards from the ones you’ve managed to fulfill.

• There are even more achievements that you’ll want to keep track of – “Season” and “Event” achievements, to be more specific. While in the midst of a Season, keep track of your “Reward,” “Quest,” “Challenge,” and “Medal” achievement progress. As for Event goals, check out each category to which types of missions are asked of you there too. There’s certainly a lot to keep track of within both mission categories, especially when it comes to an active Event. Keep a close eye on the official Facebook page for Cyber Hunter so you’ll always know when a new Event or Season is underway!

5. Activate Your Booster Cards Before You Start Playing

• If you tap on the box next to the ribbon at the top of the main menu screen, you’ll be taken to the inventory screen. Here is where you’ll see your collection of card types, Lucky Stars, and other sorts of goodies.

• As soon as you start up the game, head into this menu to see if you have any Financial or Growth Cards in your possession. Activate both of them so you can earn extra V-Coins and EXP for the next 24-hours of personal playtime! These boosters provide you with more currency for “Elite Supply” purchases and the EXP needed to increase your player level. Higher player levels lead to more unlocked Skills, by the way!

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