Destiny 2’s The Revelry Event Release Date, Loot, & More

Destiny 2 The Revelry Details

The upcoming spring event for Destiny 2 has officially been unveiled. Titled “The Revelry,” this special celebration will send players back into the Infinite Forest to grind for all types of loot. Announced via a blog post on, various details and rewards have been revealed for this upcoming event.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Revelry spring event for Destiny 2:

The Revelry Release Date

For those wanting to hop into The Revelry as soon as possible, it will officially begin on April 16 and run until May 6. This is the only time when the event, cosmetics, and items will be available to make sure to see if you want anything before the celebration ends.

The Revelry Loot

The Revelry includes an entire assortment of loot – including a new Exotic fusion rifle called the Arbalest. You can earn this Exotic by completing specific triumphs during this event. There is no word if this weapon will be available after the celebration so focus on getting the Arbalest first.

Additionally, there will be an armor set for each class that boosts your power in the new activity. These pieces of armor are earned by killing specific bosses or completing special bounties offered by Eva Levante. Packages Eva offers can also offer Enhancement Cores, weapons, armor, and ornaments for the special Revelry armor sets.

Finally, Eververse will have an assortment of cosmetic items to unlock via engrams. These are obtained either through the Eververse store directly or by Bright/Revelry Engrams. Some of the cosmetics include new emotes, a Bunny Ghost Shell, a ship, Sparrow, and shaders.

The Revelry Verdant Forest Activity

Finally, the new event for The Revelry event is called the Verdant Forest. Similar to the Haunted Forest during last year’s Halloween event, players will be entering an altered version of the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Fireteams will be tasked with clearing waves of enemies and defeating bosses. The deeper you go into the forest the more difficult the activity becomes.

To give yourself an edge, users can acquire Reveler’s Tonic, which applies a buff that reduces your cooldown of grenades, super, or melee abilities. You can refill this brew by defeating bosses inside of the Verdant Forest.  This tonic does not just work in the Verdant Forest but any activity that’s not a private match.

You will also have a chance to generate Orbs via precision kills and the buff will grow stronger if you wear Revelry armor. For those looking to make the most out of this event make sure to wear your Revelry armor and use this tonic.

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