5 Idle Capitalist Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Capitalist

Gaga Games

There’s another idle mobile game to busy yourself with – Gaga Games’ Idle Capitalist!

The name of the game here is simple – accumulate all sorts of wealth by putting your many business operations to work. As you rack up more and more cash, you’ll begin to unlock new operations, locales to explore, and plenty of hard-working managers to aid you along the way. If you’re dead set on becoming a billionaire (or even a trillionaire!), follow our advice and you’ll have no problem doing so. Get your fingers ready for some tapping and be prepared to accumulate all the money in the mobile world!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Capitalist:

Download the Idle Capitalist APK here.

1. Click to Start, Stick to Expanding, Open up a New Operation, and Repeat the Process All Over Again

Idle Capitalist is a pretty easy to game to wrap your head around – you’ll need to open a bunch of operations in order to accumulate income and widen your business empire. The process you should follow in order to be as successful as possible is as follows – open up a new business floor, tap it a few a few times to bring in a few bucks, then start expanding it.

• This process becomes an even more fruitful activity after you set the orange “Expand By” tab on the top right to MAX. Once you’ve unlocked your first four businesses, make that MAX option active so you can hit the expand limits of each business much faster. The huge profits acquired from those aforementioned four companies should help you pay off the huge prices set by the MAX option. Going this route should help you complete challenges and reach the required quest requirements for each business a lot faster.

• Once you make enough business expansion progress, you’ll begin to notice the random appearance of a dog kept afloat by balloons. As soon as you spot one, tap it before it flies offscreen. Tapping on this flying dog immediately grants you a ton of extra cash. Sometimes it’ll reward you with an immediate payout or require you to make an extra effort to claim it. For the second instance, just choose the “watch ad” option in order to claim the cash reward the dog gifts you with.

2. Managers, Upgrades, Exploring, and Speed Up = MORE CAPITAL!

• You’ll eventually tire of selecting the “Click to Start” option for one of your unlocked companies. By putting a manager in the character slot for any of your companies, you’ll no longer have to tap it to make money since the manager helps that company prosper all on their own. As soon as the “Menu” tab on the bottom throws up a red dot notification, that probably means a manager is available for purchase. Stop everything you’re doing once this happens and buy that manager so they can start handling all the hard work for you.

• Keep tabs on any of the basic upgrades that pop up as a new purchase – these upgrades increase the profits of your unlocked businesses by a huge margin. Buy them up ASAP! Don’t worry about taking advantage of the “All Profit x27” increase option, by the way – you should only put your gold towards a booster we’re going to mention a bit later on in this guide. You should also make good use of the game’s other type of reward giving options, such as the “Explore” option within the bottom blue menu tab and the “Speed Up” booster on the left of your screen. Be sure to completely fill up that Speed Up meter just by watching a few video ads – there’s really no need to waste your hard earned gold on this option.

3. Angels are Truly a Blessing…

• The presence of Angels in Idle Capitalist acts as the game’s “progress reset” mechanic. You can acquire Angels by hiring certain managers – these managers bless you with small to massive amounts of Angels. After your first progress reset, wait until one of those Angel gifting managers becomes available.

• Once you get those Angels, immediately reset your progress so you can take advantage of the profit multiplier on your next playthrough. During this playthrough, purchase two angel gifting managers then repeat the process. During each playthrough, increase the number of angel gifting managers you purchase by one as you repeat the progress reset procedure. By the way, Angels come with their own set of upgrades, so make sure you purchase any of them as soon as they become available.

4. Always Take a Daily Excursion to Your Challenges and Keep Track of Your Completed Quests

• Every time you hop into Idle Capitalist, you should make taking a trip into the Challenges menu one of your top priorities. Complete the basic tasks given to you to claim gold, Cash Express, and ribbons. You should complete as many tasks as possible every day so you’ll reach the ribbon limit needed to unlock a single “Tycoon Chest.” These chests tend to throw some awesome rewards your way, so get to work!

• Don’t log-off the game until you fulfill the conditions for the newest “Daily Challenge” – you’ll definitely want to scoop up all the goodies given out by this type of task. You should also pay attention the unlock time limit attached to the “Time Chest” – take note of it, take a break from the game until the time limit is reached, then log back in to claim all its goodies. Log back out if you’d like to take an extended break until the very next day – by the time you return, a new Time Chest should be open and your latest Daily Bonus should also be ready for collecting.

5. Completely Fill Your “Double Cash” Meter Everyday and Always Make Use of Two Specific Bonuses

• See that battery icon in the bottom right of the screen? Tap on it to arrive at the Double Cash menu. Here is where you’ll be given the option to increase your profits x2. Instead of spending any gold bricks to perform that action, just watch a few ads so you can completely fill the double cash meter. Watching ads is the same thing you should when you’re presented with the option to speed up your businesses progress and receive a bigger percentage of Angels.

• There are two awesome boosters awaiting you all the way at the bottom of your capitalist tower – the one marked “Cost 50-percent off” and the other that says “Skip 30-minutes.” Whenever you’re low on gold, just watch some ads to activate those two free boosters and reap the rewards. Even when you do have enough gold to take advantage of those other booster options, you should still activate the other two when they become available again.

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