Super Mario Odyssey & Breath of the Wild Coming to VR

Nintendo Labo VR Breath of the Wild Mario

Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild will support VR in some way on the Switch.

Nintendo is looking to get heavily involved in the VR landscape this generation with the Nintendo Labo, available exclusively for the Switch.

For the average consumer, the Labo might look like a flimsy cardboard device that is used for a day or two before it is put away somewhere where it’ll never be touched again.

On many levels, that is true but Nintendo is looking to push the envelope even further by offering VR experiences for two of the Switch’s best titles.

Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are both receiving VR modes with the Nintendo Labo in April which could help introduce a whole new audience to the Labo.

Doubters are surely thinking right now there is no way the Switch could properly run VR and that is a very valid doubt. Proper VR relies on a high framerate to help alleviate motion sickness and it’s hard to see the Switch doing that.

From the looks of the trailer Nintendo released announcing these two titles getting a VR mode, it’s hard to tell exactly how it will work.

Breath of the Wild looks to be a full-VR experience but the trailer doesn’t really tell us anything. It’s possible you could be playing it in third-person, similar to Astro Bot Rescue Mission on the PSVR.

Another problem is the Nintendo Labo doesn’t have a head strap, meaning players will be struggling to find a comfortable way to play this for longer than a few minutes it seems.

The VR kit is coming out April 12 for $79.99 so whatever questions we have with how it works will be answered then.

It’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo does with this hardware going forward if it does prove to be a success.

With each passing year, VR is becoming more and more mainstream. Strong performances by the PSVR have paved the way for devices like the Oculus Quest to launch, a standalone headset that won’t require a console or PC to power.

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