3rd Capital Supremacy Map Coming in May for Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Naboo Capital Supremacy

EA Is Naboo the next Capital Supremacy map?

There’s a new game mode on the block in Star Wars Battlefront 2 called Capital Supremacy and it brought a lot of excitement to the game.

This new mode takes a fan-favorite mode from the original Battlefront series and puts it on its head by allowing players to travel from a ground-based setting into the bowels of a capital ship.

The mode is a lot of fun and it’s worth trying out if you’ve spent a lengthy amount of time away from the game.

Capital Supremacy launched with Geonosis as the first map but has since added a second map to the rotation in Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees.

Now, we have news a third map is being added later in May but we don’t yet know what that map is. We have some good guesses as to what the next map could be, based on what EA and DICE have been doing so far.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy Kashyyyk

EACapital Supremacy recently came to Kashyyyk but where is it going next?

What is the new map in Capital Supremacy?

With the maps so far being rooted in the prequel era, it seems the next map would remain in that era.

That means the next logical map would be to add Naboo as a Capital Supremacy. We’re sure it’s one of the most requested maps and Naboo seems perfectly set up for it.

Obviously, there are a lot of good candidates outside of the prequel era from new Capital Supremacy maps.

May Community Calendar.

Hoth would be another excellent option and we’d be pretty surprised to not see the mode come to that map if it does continue to expand across eras.

Whatever the new map is, it will be coming as part of the May Update for Battlefront 2 on May 22. This news was announced in the new community calendar that was posted on Reddit by Star Wars Battlefront 2’s community manager.

With this update, you can also expect a variety of hero changes to come that will buff a lot of the heroes currently in the game.

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