Respawn Entertainment Banned 770k Apex Legends Players

Apex Legends Bans Cheaters

Developer Respawn Entertainment released a blog post today that stated they have banned over 770,000 players from Apex Legends. For those keeping up with this hit battle royale game, the news of cheaters should come as no surprise. Apex Legends has suffered from a variety of different issues since its launch in February, but one persistent problem has been nefarious players. In order to shed some light on the issue, Respawn Entertainment shared their progress so far in curbing this predicament.

In the post, Respawn explains that alongside the 770,000 banned, they have also stopped 300,000 account creations. There were also 4,000 cheat seller accounts banned within the last 20 days of this report. The developers commented that the newly introduced reporting tool has had a “big impact on discovering new cheats” and at the time of writing this, the amount of spammers/cheaters has been reduced by half.

Respawn explained that they have been working closely with EA Security, DICE, Origin, Captial Games, and FIFA. Along with dealing with cheaters, a new engine feature has been introduced that will track instances of poor hit registration. This has been another major complaint so it will be intriguing to see what their data finds. The company stated that they will be addressing another point brought up in their last blog post sometime next week.

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