Best Exotics for the Outbreak Perfected Mission in Destiny 2

Best Exotics Outbreak Perfect Mission

The new Destiny 2 Exotic quest for the Outbreak Perfected has officially gone live and it’s going to be quite the challenge. Featuring a large boss room, lengthy platforming section, and multiple firefights, the Outbreak Perfected mission may be one of the most challenging quests in the game. With only 20 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to race to the finish against an onslaught of enemies. Because of this, picking the right Exotic weapons and armor is critical, especially for the Heroic variant.

Here are our recommendations for the best Exotics to run in the Outbreak Perfected mission:

Exotic Weapons

Riskrunner Destiny 2 Gambit

Hard Light

A personal favorite, the Hard Light is one of the best weapons for the Outbreak Perfected quest. There are a lot of elemental shields in this mission, which makes Hardlight so valuable. The ability to swap to any element on the fly allows you to quickly dispatch waves of enemies or take down a critical foe that your fireteam might have issues with. If you’re going into the mission we recommend one person in the squad runs this assault rifle.


Since this mission is only filled with Fallen, the Riskrunner is a superb choice. It’s very easy to get this submachine gun charged up and the Arc damage is great against the plethora of Arc shields that the Shanks have. Just make sure to have the other elements covered in your fireteam.

Lord of Wolves

Fan of getting close and personal? The Lord of Wolves is an exceptional shotgun that deals a lot of damage and can make quick work of the Spider Tanks that spawn. Additionally, the Solar damage is wonderful against the Captains and bigger Shanks. Just make sure you bring a distance Kinetic weapon such as a Scout or Pulse Rifle.

Tractor Cannon

While this gun isn’t great for the first half of the mission, it’s fantastic for the boss room. If you are running a Void Super, the buff that the Tractor Cannon offers can make killing the boss, Servitors, and Spider Tanks a breeze.


Another Arc weapon, the Thunderlord is a powerhouse for both combat sections. Not only does it make quick work of any Arc shielded enemies, but the barrage of lighting is wonderful for wiping out multiple foes at once. Just make sure not to blow all your ammo on the boss, as you’ll need to wipe out all the regular foes too.

Whisper of the Worm

The final Exotic we suggest is Whisper of the Worm, but only for the final part of the mission. If you have teammates covering you then you can rapidly take down the boss, tanks, and giant Servitors that spawn. Only run this Exotic if you are confident that you can land your shots and if you have the catalyst.

Exotic Armor Pieces

Skull of Dire Ahamkara – Warlock

One of the most popular Exotics for Warlocks, the Skull of Dire Ahamkara is absolutely wonderful. Combining this with the Attunement of Chaos allows the wearer to wipe out massive waves of enemies in the mission. This Exotic is especially potent against the waves of Servitors that spawn.

Pheonix Protocol – Warlock

If you prefer to help your teammates the Pheonix Protocol is the go-to Exotic for Warlocks. Getting to refill your Super is always strong, but the buff that the Well of Radiance offers can tip the scales of a battle in your favor. Just make sure your allies know to kill foes while in the well otherwise, you won’t get any energy back.

Orpheus Rig – Hunter

Surprising no one, the Orpheus Rig is perhaps the best Exotic for the entire quest. Not only is the Super energy you get back useful, but the ability to suppress and weaken foes is critical in most fights. If you have a Hunter on your team make sure they are running this, it will make the boss room much easier.

Shards of Galanor – Hunter

If you don’t have the Orpheus Rig, then consider using the Shards of Galanor. Blade Barrage has always been a great Super, as it does terrific single target damage along with being able to wipe out entire groups. Since Shards of Galanor gives you back a percentage of energy upon hit, you don’t even need to kill an enemy to refill your Super. Just make sure to coordinate with your fireteam so you don’t end up whiffing.

Ursa Furiosa – Titan

This one requires a bit more coordination to use properly since you’ll want your team to stand behind you and attack the boss. Not only will this extend your Super, but you’ll obtain some energy for how much damage is dealt to your shield. Also, the Sentinal Shield is just a solid sub-class for the combat encounters, so Ursa Furiosa’s buff is always welcomed.

Hallowfire Heart – Titan

The last Exotic armor piece on our list is Hallowfire Heart. Even though you’ll end up using your Super quite a bit, the ability to obtain your de-buff melee skill faster is extremely useful. Melting Point is an insanely powerful move that can trivialize most encounters. Getting it back faster is quite potent for every stage of the quest. Just make sure to inform your team when and what you are charging into.

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