5 Fit the Fat 3 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Fit the Fat 3


Fit the Fat 3 is pretty straightforward in its approach to grabbing your attention.

There are four oversized individuals featured in this addictive mobile game. It’s up to you to aid their weight loss regimen by training them on a constant basis. You’ll need to involve them in plenty of solo bike riding endeavors, competitive races and gym workouts. Fit the Fat 3 should certainly keep you busy since there’s four characters that need your weight loss assistance. We’re here to further aid you and their efforts with this essential guide full of game winning (and weight losing) advice.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Fit the Fat 3:

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1. Train, Do Some Racing, Work in the Gym, Eat Then Do it all Over Again

Fit the Fat 3


• Once you choose your first character, you’ll quickly become accustomed to the ways in which you’ll help him/her lose weight. The “Train” option lets you involve your character in bike riding and jogging activities – you can shed a few pounds via these solo endeavors.

• Later on, you’ll unlock the “Race” option – here is where you’ll compete against two other racers in a bike riding race or a foot race. Races are usually where you’ll come across gift boxes, so keep an eye out for them. By the way, make good use of the boost panels during races – try to keep a good boost going by moving over the panels of the same color type. Boosting over a green panel then doing the same over a red one soon after will actually slow you down.

• Once you unlock the “Gym” option, you’ll get to push your character to lose even more weight by working them on the treadmill and the jump rope. These activities usually help your character lose the most weight in one sitting. While you’re doing all this exercising, you’ll deplete your hunger meter. Once it gets a bit too low, a burger icon will pop up. Click on it as soon as it appears on your screen – the eating minigame is pretty simple and helps your character gain the energy needed to keep working!

2. Hitting Weight Loss Milestones Helps You Earn Free Gifts and Unlock New Characters

• Each of the game’s four characters has to hit the max weight loss goal of 155-lbs. All of them begin their weight loss journey at 480-lbs – each time you help a character lose 15- to 10-lbs, you’ll earn a free gift.

• Even when you reach a new weight loss milestone that helps your character sport a new physical figure, you’ll also earn plenty of extra Fitpoints, Coins and a Fat Loss booster via a Free Shake. Try to make a mental note of the weight loss map of your current character so you know the next goal you’re about to hit and what gifts you’ll receive once you make it there.

3. You Should Only Spend Your Coins on Character Costumes

Fit the Fat 3


• Coins can be acquired in a myriad of ways – by getting them as a free gift from the “Shop,” completing achievements, opening a “Free Shake” and completing any of the playable activities. Although you can put your coins towards unlocking another character and new pages of a character’s comic book, you should only spend them on new costumes for each character.

• You can unlock new characters, comic book panels and costumes just by progressing through the game by losing weight. But if you’re desperate to put your favorite character in some new duds ASAP, go ahead and take the coin spending plunge. Costumes don’t really break the bank, so cop a new one whenever the need to do so kicks in.

4. Complete Your Achievements!

• Like most mobile games, Fit the Fat 3 has an achievements system. Completing those assorted goals helps you get your hands on some extra coins. Try to complete at least two achievements per day. Once an achievement is completed, a new one immediately takes its place. So you’ll always have a new task to complete and even more coins to acquire!

5. Take Advantage of Your Free Shake Goodies and the Shop’s Free Gifts

• If you’re playing the free version of Fit the Fat 3, be prepared to watch a lot of video ads. You’ll need to do this in order to double your post-activity rewards, claim free gifts from the shop and open a Free Shake.

• Speaking of the shop’s free gifts, be sure to pop in once the green exclamation point icon appears over the shopping cart icon on the home menu – this means one of those free gifts is ready for collecting. The free coins gifts are cool, but the “2x Fat Loss” booster is even cooler. Always make sure you have this power-up equipped so you can shed double the fat loss and put all those collected “Fitpoints” to even better use!

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