5 Lineage 2: Revolution ‘War in Wonderland’ Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

[Lineage 2: Revolution] War in WonderlandThe War in Wonderland crossover arrives on 5/15. All players will receive a 3 Day Wonderland Wardrobe Ticket and a +30 Max Enhancement Item! Download now! ▶ bit.ly/2jtNI6p2019-05-13T02:02:33.000Z

Netmarble’s standout MMORPG continues to thrive and regularly provide its audience with fresh content.

The MMORPG we’re alluding to is Lineage 2: Revolution, a grand experience that throws players into an expansive fantasy realm. A major update for the game will take everyone on an even more fantastical journey to the fabled Wonderland that Alice is known most for exploring. “War in Wonderland” features new characters to meet, new enemies to vanquish, new dungeons to explore and new costumes to unlock. Thanks to the developers behind the game and its latest expansion, we put a guide together that offers up plenty of advice on how to brave the dangers of Wonderland.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for the new Lineage 2: Revolution update, “War in Wonderland”:

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1. Adena Vault: Queen’s Treasure Chest

Lineage 2 Revolution War in Wonderland

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• Before you head off to the “Alice’s Dream” dungeon, brave the dangers of the “Queen’s Treasure Chest” – the new “Adena Vault” specially designed for Lineage 2: Revolution’s Alice in Wonderland crossover event. There, you’ll battle against the “Card Captain” and its card soldiers, which serves as a nice practice run before you enter the Alice’s Dream dungeon. This Adena Vault is a nice and easy way to collect extra Adena for players looking to further upgrade their gear.

2. Alice’s Dream Temporal Rift Dungeon Overview

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• The new Alice’s Dream Temporal Rift consists of four zones – the “Crimson Forest Interior,” “Crimson Forest Lot,” “Queen’s Castle Interior,” and “Queen’s Castle Hall.”

3. Alice’s Dream Temporal Rift: Crimson Forest

Lineage 2 Revolution War in Wonderland

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Interior: This is where the adventure truly begins – inside Alice’s dream as you’ll have a meet and greet with Alice herself. From here, you’ll need to save the White Rabbit from a group of monsters so he can guide you through Wonderland and locate the Cheshire Cat, who can lead Alice out of her harrowing dream.

Lot: Along the way, you’ll battle through Card Soldiers and Card Captains in order to get access to the Queen’s Castle. Melee attackers are represented by Spade and Club suits, while ranged fighters can be seen adorned in Heart and Diamond suits. Players should target Card Captains, as they tend to be more powerful, can summon Card Soldiers, and have access to the abilities of all the suits. Card Captains use basic skills early on in fights, followed by Spade, Club, Diamond, and Heart skills as their HP drops. When its HP drops below 30-percent, they go berserk and get a boost in their Attack rate and Speed stats.

4. Queen’s Castle Hall

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Cheshire Cat: Defeat the rest of the Card Soldiers before encountering the ferocious Cheshire Cat, who happens to be under the Queen of Hearts’ spell. Among all attacks and skills the Cheshire Cat uses, be extra weary of the feline’s Summon Mini Cheshire, Summon Card Soldier and Blessing of Curse abilities in order to win.

Skills: Both Summon skills will call together 11 monsters – each at different HP levels. Once you defeat each of the 11 Mini Cheshires, this will put a stop to the Cat’s “Protection” enhancement buff for the boss. “Blessing of Curse,” once invoked, creates 10 random round objects within a 10-foot radius and negatively impacts all players within its range. Once the Cheshire Cat is defeated and released from the Queen’s spell, he will create a mirror where the player and Alice can finally escape from the Queen of Heart’s grasp and escape the dream realm.

5. Wonderful Wonderland Rewards!

Lineage 2 Revolution War in Wonderland

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Rewards: You can look forward to earning extra Combat Power (CP) from this update as well as the newly added “Cheshire Cat Agathion.” The newly included Alice in Wonderland-style accessories (which includes costumes, hair and weapon skins) grant its recipients with a good chunk of CP to help overpower the fiercest monsters on the field. This update also adds other event types where you can win to 4,800 Red Diamonds, materials to craft one full Grade UR Rare Weapon, Grade UR Limit Breaks, Grade UR Attributes and so much more!

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