5 Merge Empire Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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There’s a lot that goes into constructing a world-renowned empire.

Everything starts out at a very manageable and humble level. But once your digital coins start to reach incredible levels of wealth, your unknown village eventually transforms into an epic empire. The new mobile game Merge Empire is all about testing your management skills by giving you the keys to the kingdom. You’ll have to tap as hard and as fast as possible if you’re looking to put your empire, its builders and its defenders to good use. This tips guide will provide you with the know-how needed to make better progress during your empire’s digital ascension.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Merge Empire:

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1. Start Out With x1 Purchases, Then Gradually Increase Your Purchase Multiplier Over Time

• One trend you’ll quickly notice about Merge Kingdom is the way in which it opens up new workers for your current empire. The first area you’ll develop works as a primer for the rest of the game’s unlockable areas. Like every other upgradeable space in the game, you’ll start out with only one type of worker. You’ll need to purchase two of each worker type in order to unlock the next one for purchase. That rule applies to the next one and the following unlocked worker after that. Focus on unlocking new worker types as soon as they become unlockable – once they’re locked again, take one step back to the last worker type and begin the unlocking process for that locked type ASAP.

• Stick to the x1 purchase at first – you won’t have enough funds to buy multiples of the same worker type at once…yet. Once your coin reserves climb into the higher hundreds and thousands, gradually raise the purchase multiplier. That way, you can speed up your progress by purchasing bigger quantities of each worker type at once and unlock the proceeding worker types much quicker. Eventually, you’ll have millions of coins to play with and have the ability to push the purchase multiplier to x100!

2. Once a New World OpenS up, Head off to Your New Destination ASAP! But Don’t Forget About Your Previous One, Either

• The end goal for each world is to unlock every worker within its space and earn the funds needed to reach a new world. Once a new world opens up, head off to that new location and get to work! You should have enough coins on hand to start developing that new world. And don’t worry – the world you just left behind can be left behind to handle everything on its own.

• The workers in that previous world will rack up even more money for you, but pay a visit every now and then to add even more workers to it. You should adopt that plan once you hit a development roadblock within a newly developed world. Earn some extra money from an old one, then come back with all that extra money to make progress in the new world again!

3. Keep an Eye Out for Those Pink Dragons and Put Your Pink Gems to Good Use

• Each time you level up, you have a ton of bonus coins to look forward to collecting. Another gift you should expect to nab after leveling up comes once you spot a pink dragon. Tap on it furiously to kill it and you may collect a few extra coins. The best reward that comes from destroying pink dragons are pink gems, which happens to be the game’s premium currency.

• Gems can be spent on unlocking workers early, transporting yourself to a new world much quicker, coin collecting booster workers, and extra wheel spins and player attack’s. One of the main mechanics you should spend your gems on are those early world unlocks when you’re so close to making it. Skip that extra worker unlock step with gems so you can get to work in the new world! The second purchase you should put your gems towards are those precious booster workers, who do a great job of doubling your coin income for a set time limit.

4. Raise Your Strength Levels Into the Double Digits Before You Head Into Battle

• When you unlock the player attack option, make sure you increase your attack level to a high level before you start taking on other players’ empires. You can do this by buying the types of workers that lend themselves well to battling. Get enough of them so you can raise your overall attack level to the 20-30 range. That way, you’ll have a nice advantage over most of your earlier skirmishes. Take a look at the sword icon at the top of the map to see just how formidable you are. Winning player battles leads to more coins in your digital purse, so go out there and raid like a champion!

5. Keep it Free by Taking Full Advantage of Those Video Ads

• If you’d like to keep Merge Empire as a free experience, just make sure you’re prepared to sit through a lot of video ads. That’s not a bad thing, though – video ads help double your coin income after you level up.

• Watching a video ad can also double the amount of gems you get from destroying a pink dragon. By the way, you should never spend your gems on getting a wheel spin or player attack – just use the video ad watching option to make use of those two features. Video ads are the best way to instantly increase your income x2 and save your gems for better purchases – like the ones mentioned in tip #4, for instance!

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