MTG Modern Horizons Spoilers Includes Full Art Snow Lands

MTG Modern Horizons Spoilers

The first real round of spoilers for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set – Modern Horizons – has been unveiled. Specifically designed for the Modern format, this set includes a collection of both new and old cards. Wizards of the Coast has stated that any of reprinted cards will be new to the format and will have been released before 8th Edition. This means you won’t see reprints of Modern staples such as Dark Confidant or Amulet of Vigor.

MTG Modern Horizons Snow Lands

However, the biggest surprise of the spoilers so far is the inclusion of full art Snow Lands. Popular in a variety of formats, these snow lands have been absent for some time. Not only is there return welcomed, but this marks the first time snow lands will be available in the full art design. Given cards such as snow-covered islands run around $2.99 a pop, introducing more of them will certainly make them more affordable for users.

Additionally, a variety of Commons and Uncommons were introduced today, along with the reprint of the highly popular Goblin Matron. Some of the returning mechanics shown off today include Storm, Hellbent, Entwine, Buyback, Flashback, and Changeling. You can see the full list of cards revealed so far by visiting Mythic Spoiler.

With Modern Horizon’s set to release on June 14, we are excited to see what new cards Wizards of the Coast will be introducing into the format.

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