How to Get Nanotrite Boosters in RAGE 2

RAGE 2 Nanotrite Boosters

If you want to survive the wild and vicious wasteland of RAGE 2 then you’ll need to upgrade your abilities. Tied to Nanotrite Boosters, these special items are specifically used to enhance and alter your quite of skills such as Dash, Slam, Barrier, and Overdrive. Despite being some of the most important (and expensive) items in the game, locating Nanotrite Boosters is fairly easy.

To unlock all the abilities for your Nanotrite Boosters, make sure to visit the 13 Arks scattered throughout the game.

You can get Nanotrite Boosters by either opening up Ark Chests or purchasing them from vendors. The former is the most common method since Ark Chests are littered throughout RAGE 2’s world. When you approach a new, named location open up your map and highlight it with your cursor to see what collectibles are hidden away. While almost every area holds a Data Pad or storage containers, some contain Ark Chests.

Keep in mind, opening an Ark Chest doesn’t guarantee you some Nanotrite Boosters. Yet, if you’re diligent about opening every chest you come across then finding this consumable is pretty painless. Some good places to look for multiple Ark Chests include:

  • Ecopod – Wetlands 
  • Strongbox Ark -Torn Plains 
  • Gazcatraz -Twisting Canyons
  • Greenhaven Ark – The Wilds

The other method for obtaining Nanotrite Boosters is easier mechanically but will require you to spend some in-game money. You can purchase these boosters from a variety of different vendors scattered throughout the wasteland. Costing $1,000, you can purchase Nanotrite Boosters from the Gar-Ila Gear vendor in Wellspring or roaming vendors in the world.

You can stop a roaming vendor by honking your horn when their van passes by. This will cause them, to stop and set up shop right by you. These vendors typically sell rare and valuable materials, so if you have money burning a hole in your pocket make sure to check out their inventory.

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