Pokemon Sleep Memes

pokemon sleep memes

Pokemon via Twitter

Pokemon Sleep, a game that’s affected by your sleep patterns, was announced at the Pokemon Press Conference 2019.

The game uses time sleeping and waking up to affect gameplay, according to the conference. The game uses the newly announced Pokemon GO Plus + to monitor your sleep; the accelerometer in the device measures your sleep activity and sends that info to your phone via Bluetooth. The game is coming in 2020 and is being primarily developed by Select Button with the help of Niantic and Nintendo.

It’s an interesting concept that garnered an interesting reaction from people already. Here’s a look at the best memes.

A big talking point was the gamification of sleeping. Since the game is based mostly around sleeping, people on Twitter have begun to gauge just how successful they will be using the app.


Many poked fun at the name of the app, including the way it fits with other Pokemon games.


Some expressed excitement over the prospect of having their sleep patterns genuinely improved by the app. Indeed, Niantic CEO John Hanke said during the conference that the app will be built with the idea of giving players the energy they need to walk around while playing Pokemon GO as the game rewards good sleeping habits.


Others have looked to Pokemon Sleep as an example of Pokemon’s ever increasing prominence in our lives.


Here are some other fun memes we found:


The conference also announced Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game that includes fan-favorite Pokemon trainers in 3V3 Pokemon battles. In addition, a Detective Pikachu game will come to the Nintendo Switch. Also announced was Pokemon Home, a cloud-based service that lets you bring over Pokemon from Pokemon GO, Pokemon Bank and the Pokemon Switch games.

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