Tfue Requests FaZe Clan Releases His Contract Publicly

Tfue Response Video FaZe Clan Lawsuit

Streamer Tfue has released a video following a lawsuit filed against the gaming organization FaZe Clan. In the brief two minute video, we see Turner “Tfue” Tenny quickly address the allegations of being pressured to illegally gamble, drinking, and performing dangerous stunts. Tenny explains that he did not want that in the lawsuit and will have his lawyer take it out.

My Response #ReleaseTheContractI want to make it very clear that I tried multiple times for multiple months to get out of this contract. This is what had to be done. #ReleaseTheContract2019-05-23T02:11:39Z

The rest of the video revolved around Tfue explaining his feelings on his contract with FaZe Clan. Tenny urges the organization to release his contract to the public so his fans can see the deal he was signed into. This was accompanied with the #ReleaseTheContract hashtag. Unlike FaZe Banks’ response, Tfue kept his relatively short and simply asked for them to show his contract.

FaZE Clan founder Ricky Banks fired back on Twitter in a series of Tweets explaining that they do plan to release the contract. Banks also states that FaZe Clan offered Tfue a million dollars a year with no percentage going to FaZe. Instead, all the group requested was that Tfue openly represented FaZe Clan. Additionally, Banks remarked on Tfue’s apology for certain aspects of the lawsuit, stating “This was all a huge mistake and we both know that, I could see it in your eyes.. you didn’t mean for this to go down how it did.”

For the unfamiliar, Tenny filed a lawsuit earlier this week claiming that FaZe Clan was taking up to 80% of his earnings from brand deals and sponsorships. The lawsuit also claimed that Tenny was unable to “deals presented by others.”

This caused a wave of responses, most notably from Banks who dropped an emotional 21-minute video about the lawsuit the same day. Banks claimed that FaZe was taking 20%, however, the statement released by FaZe Clan did show that the organization took 80%. Since Tfue is still on his original contract, it’s possible that the changes described in the message above do not apply to Tenny’s current contract.

At the time of writing this, the contract has not been released, however, it’s clear that FaZe has every intention of showing it.

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