5 WWE Universe Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The bright lights and massive arenas WWE is known for is back in a big way on mobile!

WWE Universe ups the ante by giving you even more access to WWE’s massive roster in a brand new mobile experience. Now you can acquire your favorite in-ring competitors from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live as you fight your way to the very top. In order to get past the constant screwjob’s by the McMahon’s, win championship gold, and take down the rest of the competition, you’ll definitely need our help. After utilizing our advice, you’ll have no problem owning the ring!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for WWE Universe:

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1. Know Your Superstar Strengths and Weaknesses

WWE Universe Game

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• Before you throw your chosen Superstar into the ring, be mindful of your opponent’s style classification. You never want to head into a match with a Superstar who’s style is weak against their current foe’s style. That disadvantage will cause your character to take more damage and have a harder time landing blows on the opponent.

• You should always select someone who not only has a style advantage, but also has a higher overall power rating to work with. Just take a look at the style number advantage/disadvantage rating below your current wrestler before every match. Keep in mind that Powerhouse > Charismatic, Charismatic > Cunning, Cunning > High Flyer, High Flyer > Specialist and Specialist > Powerhouse.

2. The Proper Approach to Dominating Matches

WWE Universe Game

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WWE Universe lets you compete in singles and tag team matches. Claiming victory in both match types works in a pretty similar manner. At the start of a match, play it safe and stick to landing light attacks. After landing your first signature move, take it a step further and try your luck with a mix of medium and heavy attacks. Every time your signature and finishing move meter gets going, try your best to make that pointer land in the “Great” or “Perfect” region (the closer to the green area the pointer lands, the more damage you’ll dish out). That same meter applies to properly countering an opponent’s signature and finishing maneuvers.

• When it comes time to compete in a tag team match, try to play similarly to the way your opponent is playing. When they tag out, do the same. It’s always best if you match up their freshly tagged in Superstar with one of your own. And when they decide to tag out again, perform that same action. Once your opponent is on the ropes and gets a bit desperate with repeated tags, stay vigilant with the Superstar you have in the ring and try to finish the match. Just make sure that character has enough health left over to endure the closing moments of a tag match so they can eliminate the weaker Superstar who eventually gets tagged in.

3. Every Mode is Worth Playing Through for the Valuable Rewards They Hold

WWE Universe Game

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• There’s a ton of playable modes within WWE Universe. The Story Mode is the main campaign you should play through, of course – you’ll acquire the majority of the game’s unlockable Superstars and currency types by completing numerous story chapters. After completing a chapter, use the “Sim All” option once you unlock it to automatically complete that chapter without actively playing through it again. That way, you can farm the rewards granted by an already completed chapter if you have enough available energy.

• Be sure to play as many “Roster Battle” matches as you can before its event time wraps up – depending on your leaderboard ranking and progression rating, you can walk away with extra “Battle Coins,” cash, and “Health Packs.” The same process applies to “Club Events” – by joining an active club and competing in its ongoing “Battle Event,” you can get your hands on more Gold, Health Packs, and “Club Coins.” Club Coins come in handy when you want to nab some extra Superstars and “Daily Deals” goods in the shop.

• Knock out a “Daily Event” every time you login so you can claim the extra cash and “Trainers” currency needed to improve your roster of Superstars. Be sure to compete in “Special Events” so you can get your hands on some rare Superstars and even more Trainers currency. And finally, don’t log off until you complete a “Best of 5 Matches” set – becoming the ultimate victor helps you acquire “PVP Cash.” This currency type can be used to purchase even more Superstars and Superstar strengthening Gear.

4. Time to Go Shopping!

• Take a trip to the in-game store and you’ll come across “Draft Picks,” Daily Deals, and Gold deals. The only ones you should really concern yourself with are the first two store panels (Gold deals ask you to spend real money, after all). You’ll be swimming in cash as you win matches, so spend a whole lot of it on the “Basic Draft” option from time to time.

• You’ll most likely acquire copies of a Superstar (which goes toward upgrading that particular wrestler) and maybe even a higher-tier Silver Superstar. Gold is pretty hard to come by, so spend it wisely by only putting it towards the “Silver Draft” and “WWE Mega Draft” options. You can get your hands on some free Gold by watching video advertisements on the home menu, by the way.

• Don’t spend all your cash and gold on drafting Superstars, however. After completing a few more battles, head into the the shop and switch over to the Daily Deals tab to see what’s on sale. Focus on purchasing some gear for your Superstars – you’re much better off buying tons of stat-boosting items instead of the Superstars offered by Daily Deals. Simply playing through the game’s various modes will get you most of the Superstars you truly need.

5. Pay Attention to Your List of Completed Daily Objectives and Achievements

WWE Universe Game

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• Over on the main menu is the “Objectives & Achievements” tab on the bottom of the screen. Hop into this menu from time to time to collect the rewards granted by completing your “Daily Objectives” and Achievements. You should always get through every Daily Objective during your daily playthroughs – you’ll walk away with tons of goodies due to completing each solo objective and ultimately fulfilling them all. As for Achievements, just progress naturally through the game and you should complete them without even breaking a sweat!

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