New Games for Xbox Game Pass Revealed (May & June 2019)

Xbox Game Pass New Games May June 2019

Another wave of games for Xbox Game Pass is just on the horizon. Revealed earlier today, the eight new games will release between May 23 and June 6 for all Xbox Game Pass owners. Remember, these are not free to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership, as they are a separate subscription service offered by Microsoft. Despite costing $9.99 a month, Xbox Game Pass offers unfiltered access to an ever-expanding library of games for players to enjoy.

Here are the upcoming games for Xbox Game Pass:

  • Metal Gear Survive – May 23
  • The Banner Saga – May 23
  • Void Bastards – May 29
  • Dead by Daylight – May 30
  • Outer Wilds – May 30
  • Full Metal Furies – June 6
  • The Banner Saga 2 – June 6
  • Superhot – June 6

Of these games, we strongly recommend checking out The Banner Saga, Dead by Daylight, and Superhot. The Banner Saga is a terrific strategy RPG that boasts a great art style, world, story, and mechanics. If you are looking for something a bit different than consider giving this game a try.

If you want to take the fight online, Dead by Daylight is a massively popular asymmetrical horror game. Players either assume the role of survivors or a terrifying monster that is tasked with killing stopping the survivors from fleeing. It’s a tense, complex title that has had terrific post-launch support. Dead by Daylight is a must play for any horror fan.

Finally, Superhot is a single player title that has users attempting to take down rooms full of enemies. The catch is time stops when you don’t move, allowing you to plan out your next attack. It’s incredibly addicting thanks to its easy to learn, hard to master design. However, we do recommend avoiding Metal Gear Survive, as the game just isn’t that much fun unless you are a die-hard Metal Gear fan.

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