How to Get the Austringer in Destiny 2

Austringer Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Opulence is in full swing so it’s time to enter the Leviathan once again for some new loot. One of the most desired weapons from the new Menagerie activity is the Austringer hand cannon. An Adaptive Frame weapon, this hand cannon is capable of dishing out high damage at a decent fire rate. Obtainable only in this new mode, the Austringer can roll with a variety of perks including Outlaw, Ramage, Snapshot, Flared Magwell, and more.

If you want to obtain the Menagernie armor, here are the rune combos for each piece.

To get this weapon you will need to first upgrade your Chalice of Opulence to Rune Compatibility II. This is done by spending Imperials, so start saving up if you want this gun. Once you’ve upgraded your Chalice, you will need to earn the Rune of Desire and any red rune. The Rune of Desire is colored green and will have a picture of a snake on it.

Once you get a Rune of Desire, slot it into the top node of your chalice and then put any red rune in the left slot. Now load up the Menagerie and go through it as you normally would. Once you slay the boss, approach the chest and unlock it to earn one Austringer hand cannon. Remember, if you unlock the third rune slot in your chalice you can alter what the Masterwork roll will be. This is fantastic since you can use any other green rune to give it a range boost, which is usually what you want on a hand cannon.

Finally, there’s a small trick for farming chests that has yet to be patched. Once you beat the final boss in the Menagerie, run out of the room and go through the building until you enter another named area. You should see the name pop up in the bottom left corner. When this happens, run back to where the chest is and it will reappear closed. This means you can keep despawning and respawning the end chest to get multiple tries.

The only restriction is every time you want to open up the chest again, you will need to slot runes into your chalice. Consider farming multiple Runes of Desire before going into the Menagerie, so you can obtain multiple Austringers at once! With a bit of luck and patience, you’ll be rocking this powerful weapon in no time.

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