All CTR Letters in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

ctr letters

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The CTR Challenges in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled have you collecting three letters hidden in different parts of the track. Grab all three and complete the race in first place to win the challenge.

Here are the locations of all the CTR Letters in the CTR Challenges.

Thanks to PowerPyx for pointing out the locations. Check out their videos for a better picture on where to find the letters.

Crash Cove

The R is located right after the first tall rock column. Brake Slide (by letting go of the accelerator and hitting the brakes as you turn to the left or right) into the letter without losing too much time.

The T is very tricky. You need to go into the circular puddle of water and then jump as you exit the water and go onto the dark brown sand to leap onto a plateau of grass to the left. You then drive onto a wooden bridge leading to a pirate ship. The letter is to the right.

For the C, drive onto the pirate ship in the sand toward the end of the track and jump off the top to hit the letter.

Mystery Caves

The R is reached by bouncing on the first set of turtles. It’s above the right turtle.

The C is located to the far right when you jump off the second boost panel in the lava area.

The T is located behind a question mark crate to the left of a line of them in the cave area after the lava area.

Sewer Speedway

For the T, you need to enter the right pipe shortly after the starting line and then launch off the speed boost and move to the right to hit the T in the air as you move to the other pipe.

The R is located on the left wall on the first half pipe section before the first moving oil drum. You can’t miss it.

After the first rolling oil drum, stay in the middle of the boost ramp to hit the C.

Roo’s Tubes

Jump from the left at the first hill outside the first cave area of the track from the tubes to snag the C.

The R is shortly afterwards in the second tube area. Stay in the middle of the track and you’ll see it. You may have to jump at it.

After the second tube area and into the cave area with the rib bones, move to the left and into the dirt area to hit the T.

Coco Park

The C is to the left of the track near the rock with the flower shortly after starting the race.

The T is to the right of the track right at the exit from the cave with the waterfalls.

The R is located in a pink flower patch to the left off of the track. It’s next to a line of giant flowers.

Tiger Temple

At the first left turn, you’ll see the T in the grass to the left off the track.

At the second left turn, jump off the ramp and move to the right to snag the C.

Go past the flame jets and under the wooden bridge in the temple. You’ll see a brown door to the left. Run into it to get the R.

Papu’s Pyramid

You’ll see the T floating high in the air shortly after starting the race. You’ll be able to snag it later.

Race through the temple and into the jungle area with the biting plants. You’ll see a gap inbetween a wall with yellow paint and red arrows. Jump through the gap and onto a platform to snag the C. Make sure to keep to the left of the platform. Keep this path in mind as it makes for a great shortcut in normal races.

From there, jump to the left and onto a platform with red paint around the edges. Jump to the right off of the platform to snag the T.

The R is located after a series of three arches to the right of the track.

Dingo Canyon

At the first right turn, the C can be grabbed in the dirt.

After going through a canyon, you can snag the T hiding behind the big plateau making a fork in the road.

The R is located to the right in the air after the boost jump taken after grabbing the T.

Polar Pass

The C is located in front of the house after the first fork in the road with the frozen polar bear.

Go through an arch and you’ll come across three boost ramps in quick succession. Move to the right after the third one to snatch the R.

The T is located in the air from the final boost ramp before the finish line. Drive to the right off the ramp to grab it in the air.

Tiny Arena

The T is located in the air above the first mud pit. Jump from the right bump to get it.

Drive for a while, going under three bridges and going across one. You’ll see the C next to a mud pit to the right. You can’t miss it.

Shortly after the C, you’ll see the R hovering in the air to the right of a long bump across the road. It’s before the boost pads.

Dragon Mines

You’ll see the C at the edge of a pool of water early in the track. You can’t miss it.

You’ll see the T hovering in the air as you drive on a wooden bridge curving to the right in a loop. You can’t grab it by jumping. You need to drive off the top of the bridge and back onto the lower part as you grab the T.

The R is behind some wooden beams to the right of the track shortly after grabbing the T.

Blizzard Bluff

At the first right turn (the one with the big sign with an arrow on it), you can snatch the T as you drive up a snow drift to the right of the curve.

After driving across a frozen pond, you’ll spot the R right before a boost pad leading into a lodge.

Shortly before the finish line, you’ll see the C to the right of another frozen pond.

Hot Air Skyway

At the big curve right before the first boost ramp, you can grab the C to the right of the track. It’s right before a boost pad to the left.

At the first boost ramp, move to the right and onto the shortcut. You’ll grab the R in the air.

At the second boost ramp, move to the right in the air to get the T. You need to move to the left right away to stop yourself from falling off the track.

Cortex Castle

The R is in the air to the right off of the first boost ramp.

You’ll spot the C in the air above a corner after exiting the castle a second time. Jump across the gap to grab the C. Be careful not to fall off the track.

The T is in the air to the far right after the boost ramp leading out of the part of the castle with light blue lighting.

N.Gin Labs

The C is in the air to the left after the second boost ramp.

The R is in the middle of the air after the third boost ramp.

After landing from the fourth boost ramp, you’ll see two gaps in the track. The T is to the left of the first gap. You can jump to grab it before falling into the hole.

Oxide Station

The C is in the middle of the air after the first boost ramp.

The fourth boost ramp makes you fly through the air for a long time. Stay in the middle to grab the T.

Stay in the middle as you go through the fifth boost ramp to get the R.

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